Abstract Ideals

Item Type World Enchantment
Purchase Cost 15,749 Gold

Abstract Ideals in Magic Legends is a World Enchantment. World Enchantments can be purchased from Merchants and these items are applied to various Missions such as Story Missions and Ordeals on Expert or greater difficulty levels to obtain greater rewards. Your character must be level 30 to apply them and you can only hold a limited amount at a time.


Abstract Ideals Information


Abstract Ideals Where to Find

  • This can be purchased for 15,749 Gold.
  • This item is rewarded for completing ???


Abstract Ideals Notes & Tips

  • Before you start a mission, you can apply world enchantments to add, change, or alter various effects to the mission you are about to take.
  • World Enchantments are craftable items that can be made with materials, in your personal meditation realm.
  • They are also tradeable at the broker and are consumable once used. Using these World Enchantments will up the challenge but also give significant rewards.



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