Black Mana Sorcery Potency

Stat Type Stat Bonus
Effect  Damage output of all Black Mana Creatures

Black Mana Sorcery Potency in Magic Legends is a Stat Bonus. Stat Bonuses are lasting buffs from any sources that enhance the stats of a Planeswalker, Abilities, or specific types of Spells. These enhancements are primarily granted by Modifiers from Class Passives and wearable Equipment such as Equipment, Accessories, and Artifacts.



Black Mana Sorcery Potency Information



Black Mana Sorcery Potency Related Equipment

Name Type Bonus
Seer's Crystal Artifacts +12
Scroll of Bontu Artifacts +12
Gem of the Butcher (unlocks at rank 10) Artifacts   +75
 Bloodsoaked Altar (unlocks at rank 10)  Artifacts  +125
Chronicle of Alarity (unlocks at rank 10)  Artifacts  +125



Black Mana Sorcery Potency Notes & Tips

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