Blue Planar Mana

Item Type Planeswalker Currency
Associated Mana blue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxBlue Mana

Blue Planar Mana is a type of currency or resource in Magic Legends. Planar Mana follows the pattern consistent with the iconic Magic color wheel, which means that players can expect to find White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green varieties during their adventures. Different projects will require different amounts and types of Planar Mana, so players will need to seek it out and acquire it accordingly.



Blue Planar Mana Information

  • The Blue Planar Mana focuses on Blue Mana upgrades.
  • It is used to upgrade the Island Land which reduces the number of Spell Pages required to rank up Blue Spells.
  • Planar Mana is used in your Personal Realm to upgrade structures, new Spells, Equipment, and Artifacts.
  • Skirmishes are a great place to acquire Planar Mana. When capped, Planar Mana converts to gold.
  • The weekly cap is 15000, while you can store up to 30000 Planar Mana.
  • Unlocking the Mana Vault in your Personal Realm will help in harvesting the various colors of Planar Mana and upgrading the rank of the Mana Vault increases the amount of Planar Mana granted.
  • Planar Mana is also scattered across various planes (Locations). You can find different colors of Planar Mana scattered in various areas. But keep an eye out for wandering Radiant Wisps.
  • To identify if there is a Radiant Wisp nearby, you'll find a trail of Planar Mana. Follow the trail and you'll end up finding one. It won't try to escape, but instead, it will constantly put up a shield when you start to attack it. Upon dispatching it, the Radiant Wisp will drop more of the corresponding color of Planar Mana.


Blue Planar Mana Notes & Tips

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