Body Equipment in Magic Legends is an Equipment type that can provide additional bonuses to your character. Unlike other games, Equipment doesn't necessarily grant defense against various enemies, but instead provides different core and adaptive modifiers that affect the player stats. Equipment sets and pieces are usually obtained as rewards from completing quests, purchased from merchants, looted from various locations, dropped by enemies and bosses, or crafted by using the required materials. This page will indicate a list of all the Body Equipment Pieces in Magic Legends which will include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual page linked below.

Equipment in Magic Legends

  • The equipment in Magic Legends comes in four types of rarity. Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic Rare which is similar to the types of a rarity for the Spells.
  • Equipment is also divided into six slots, one of each for Head, Body, Arms, Legs, and two slots for the Accessories.
  • The various pieces of Equipment focus on improving both the overall combat ability and survivability of the player's character through adding the various modifiers.
  • Duplicate pieces of Equipment can instead be used to swap out Adaptive Mods or to use it as a material to upgrade the stats of the Equipment's mods. On the other hand, you can sell it to a vendor in exchange for Gold.
  • Some various pieces of Equipment in Magic Legends are also cosmetics since they can change the clothing of the player's character.

Upgrading Equipment

  • Upgrading a core or adaptive modifier costs 1250 Aether and x1 Upgrade Material.
  • You can acquire Upgrade Materials for equipment by picking up or acquiring a duplicate of this equipment.
  • Upgrading a piece of equipment only increases the value of the core modifier or any of the unlocked adaptive mods.
  • To unlock the other adaptive mods, you will need to obtain a duplicate of the item that has different unlocked mods on it.


Equipment Modifiers

  • Modifiers are grouped into two categories, a Core Modifier, and Adaptive Modifier. Core Modifiers are the main equipment bonus/effect of armor, these are fixed, they cannot be changed, and these can be upgraded to increases its stats. Adaptive Modifiers on the other hand are secondary supplements that players can choose to swap for a different bonus/effect and they can also be upgraded to increase their stats. By default, a piece of armor has one Core Modifier and two Adaptive Mods.



Magic Legends Body Armor

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Name & Icon Rarity Core Modifier
Spellbinder's Attire
Common Whenever you kill a foe affected by a Control, 53% chance to gain Lesser Might for 10 seconds.
Tactician's Attire
Common Whenever you drop below 90% max health, 40 % chance for creatures you control to gain Lesser Might for 5 seconds
Slayer's Plate
Mythic Whenever you activate your Secondary Ability, 29% chance your weakest creature gains +4/+2 and gains "Whenever this creature dies, if it was a Human, create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token for 60 seconds", for 15 seconds.
Tunic of the Marksman
Uncommon +31 Spark Recharge Speed (Spark meter recharge rate)
Lavarunner's Coat
Uncommon Whenever you activate your Spark Power, 3% chance for creatures you control to gain Indestructible for 10 seconds.
Apron of Cecani's Legacy
Uncommon Whenever you activate Mana Surge, 39% chance to create a 2/3 black Zombie creature token with "Other Zombies you control get +1/+1" for 30 seconds.
Adept's Robes
Uncommon Whenever you activate Mana Surge, 52% chance to gain +500 Control Rating for 10 seconds. 
Champion's Cuirass
Uncommon Whenever you are at full health, you have+184 Sorcery Healing Potency.
Chestplate of Rapacity
Rare Whenever you drop below 30% max health, 6% chance to gain "Whenever you take damage, gain +50 Sorcery Potency of the mana color the source was, for 20 seconds" for 10 seconds.
Adjudicator's Raiment
Rare Whenever you drop below 6 mana, 22% chance for a random creature you control to gain Lifelink for 15 seconds. 
Breastplate of Undying Fury
Rare Whenever you drop below 6 mana, 32% chance for nearby foes to gain "This creature takes 48 damage every second for 10 seconds".
Robe of the Warden
Uncommon Whenever you activate your Spark Power, 31 + % chance to gain Lesser Might and Lesser Swiftness for 20 seconds.
Ardent Robes
Uncommon Whenever you activate your Secondary Ability, 20 % chance to gain +250 Utility Recharge Speed for 10 seconds.
Robes of the Harvester
Uncommon Whenever you drop below 40% max health, 55% chance to gain +100 Black Mana Sorcery Potency for 15 seconds.
Thaumaturge's Robes
Uncommon +16 Control Resist (Resistance of incoming control effects) 
Attire of Benevolence
Uncommon Whenever you receive healing, 53% chance to gain +25 Secondary Potency for each creature you control for 10 seconds.
Packleader's Garb
Uncommon Whenever you activate your Secondary Ability, 16% chance to gain Lesser Mana Regeneration for 1 second per creature you control affected by buff.
Attire of Calamity
Uncommon Whenever you activate your Utility Ability, 52% chance to create a 6/1 Elemental creature token with Greater Swiftness for 15 seconds.
Garb of Blight
Uncommon +111 Secondary Potency (Damage output of the Secondary Ability)
Scholar's Attire
Common Whenever you activate your Secondary Ability 54% chance to gain +250 Primary Potency for 10 seconds.
Garb of the Pilgrim
Common +122 Secondary Recharge Speed (Recharge rate of the Secondary Ability)
Outlander's Garb
Common Whenever you activate Mana Surge, 30% chance to gain +500 Max Health Potency for 15 seconds.
Scavenger's Garb
Common Whenever you lose at least 20% life from a single source of damage, 6% chance to gain +250 Red Mana Sorcery Potency for 15 seconds.
Attire of the Dark Wanderer
Common Whenever you have a full spell hand, you have an 18% chance to gain Lesser Mana Regeneration for 5 seconds when you cast your next spell.
Wild Seer's Attire
Common +60 Red Mana Resist (Damage resistance to sources of red mana)
Attire of the Pioneer
Common Whenever you draw a spell, 36% chance to gain Lesser Resistance for 5 seconds. 
Archdruid's Garb
Rare Whenever you pickup a Health Globe, 21% chance for a random creature you control to gain Lesser Might for 2 seconds per point of power it has
Trailblazer's Attire
Common Whenever you have a full spell hand, you have +4 Primary Potency for each creature you control.
Attire of the Occult
Common +133 Soulsteal Potency (Healing when killing a creature) 
Traveler's Attire
Common Whenever you receive healing, 50% chance for creatures you control to gain Trample for 5 seconds

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