Bring Light to Darkness

Mission Act Act 3
Mission Type Story Mission
Location Benalia
Boss Josu Vess
Prev. Mission: Purge the Darkness
Next Mission: N/A

Bring Light to Darkness is a Mission in Magic Legends. Bring Light to Darkness is a Story Mission. Missions are various tasks that a player can acquire and enlist throughout the game, missions are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey. 


With Josu Vess sighted in the Caligo Morass, the time has come to confront the Cabal's general and end their invasion once and for all. You must travel to Towerbrook Fen in the Caligo Morass and join the angel Rael in her assault on the Cabal's foothold in Benalia.

Bring Light to Darkness Rewards


Bring Light to Darkness Objectives

  • Clear the Swamp
  • Rescue the Clerics
  • Approach the Cabal Barrier
  • Protect the Clerics
  • Clear the Remaining Cabal and Undead Forces
  • Enter the Fallen Church
  • Stand in the Light of Serra to Cleanse the Statue
  • Enter the Blind Bog
  • Destroy the Necromantic Pillars
  • Search for Josu Vess in the Temple of Ascent
  • Defeat Josu Vess' Unholy Guard
  • Defeat the Remaining Cabal
  • Reach the Statue of Serra
  • Confront Josu
  • Stand in the Light of Serra to Cleanse the Statue
  • Defeat Josu Vess


Bring Light to Darkness Enemies

  • Enemy 1
  • Enemy 2


Bring Light to Darkness Map

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Bring Light to Darkness Walkthrough

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Bring Light to Darkness Notes & Tips



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