Cards in Magic Legends is an integral combat mechanic of the game. Cards are categorized as abilities that players use to execute various combat abilities such as summoning, conjuring magic, and granting buffs and effects. Players are given the opportunity to build a deck of cards that they can use in battle, however, these cards will be randomly generated or drawn in battle. Once you're out in the field, you'll start off with four cards that are drawn from your deck, when you've used or activated one, a random card will be drawn next and so forth. This page covers a list of all the cards in the game.

Upgrading Cards

There is a material that is used to upgrade the level or potency of the player's cards, and that is called Spell Shards. Spell Shards are fragments of a card wherein you can increase the level of the card if you've collected enough shards. Spell Shards are obtained as loot wherein it can be given as a reward for completing certain quests or dropped by enemies or bosses.


Building your Deck

Players are given the freedom to build their deck of cards which includes various abilities such as summoning, magical attacks, and defensive or supportive effects. Players can choose and mix up to two colors of up to 12 cards which gives freedom of customization that can cater to a person's preferred playstyle or create various tactics and roles if you are in a team.


Magic Legends Cards




Icicle Blue Shoots ice fragments in a straight line that freezes and damages enemies.
Telestrike Blue Teleports onto an area and releases a shockwave that pushes back and damages enemies.
Psionic Shatter Blue Shoots out an of energy in a straight line that damages enemies.
Tidal Wave Blue An AoE attack that calls out a tidal wave that pushes back and damages enemies.
Magnetic Pulse Blue Sets a trap that pulls in nearby enemies and damages for a brief period.
Phantasmagoria Blue Summons a mythical creature that traps enemies in a bubble that deals damage over time.
Sleep Blue  
Dominate Blue  
Lava Vortex Red An AoE spell that conjures a vortex of lava that pulls in enemies and continuously damages caught within the pool of lava.
Slag Strike Red Sends the caster flying forward in a straight line and executes a strong punch that knocks back and damages enemies.
Char Red A close-range spell that shoots a fast pulse of magma which pushes the caster back and knocks back, damages enemies.
Earth Elemental Red Summons a titan made out of rocks that aids you in battle
Elemental Shatter Red Summons a titan that explodes after a period of time that deals damage.
Emberlings Red Summons three emberlings that shoots out lava projectiles at enemies
Seismic Grasp Red The user stomps onto the ground that calls out rocks on the ground that launches enemies to the air and towards the caster.
Flametongue Kavu Red Summons a beast that can pummel enemies and shoot out a stream of fire like a flamethrower.
Earth Spike Red An AoE spell that summons spikes from the ground that damages and launches enemies into the air.
Pyroclasm Red Stores energy that draws in nearby enemies and releases a blast that knocks back and inflicts damage.
Molten Shell Red Covers the user with magma that decreases the attack from enemies and also damages enemies who are caught within the molten slag.
Magma Burst Red Conjures a burst of energy that creates a shockwave that sends out magma and stones towards enemies.
Judgment White Buffs the caster and allies within the area of effect and knocks back and damages enemies caught within it.
Divine Wrath White An AoE attack that conjures a blast of holy light on the ground that damages and knocks back enemies.
Fiendslayer Paladin White Summons a sword-wielding paladin.
Galewing Griffin White Summons a Griffin that'll fight by your side.
Benalish Archers White Summons three long-range warriors wielding a bow and arrow.
Lightpiercer Angel White Summons an angel capable of shooting multiple arrows.
Zealous Charge White  
Provocation White  
Healing Recall White  
Aura of Salvation White  
Heavenly Assault White  
Choking Overgrowth Green  
Show of Dominance Green  
Hunt of the Apex Green  
Sporecap Spider Green  
Mighty Bellow Green  
Nourish Green  

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