Danitha Capashen

Planeswalker YES/NO
Location Benalia
Related Mission
Rise of the Cabal
The Battle of Korlich Pass

Danitha Capashen is an NPC in Magic Legends. NPCs in Magic Legends can interact with the Player's Planeswalker and they may provide information, as well as MissionsSpells or Equipment. Sometimes NPCs even accompany the player on Quests or Missions and assist them in combat. Several NPCs are even famous characters from the Magic the Gathering universe.


Danitha Capashen Information

Danitha Capashen is the General of the Benalish Army and the sister of Raffwyn Capashen


Danitha Capashen Location

Danitha Capashen can be found in the following locations:


Danitha Capashen Related Missions

The following Missions are related to Danitha Capashen:


Danitha Capashen Notes and tips

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