Stat Type Spell Mechanic
Effect Temporary Stun

Disorient in Magic Legends is a Spell Mechanic. Spell Mechanics are the keyword abilities that are incorporated into some Spells. Some mechanics are passive abilities and others allow players to spend mana to gain additional effects.


Disorientated prevents actions and movement until damaged.


Disorient Information

  • Disorient is an ability that temporarily stuns an enemy, and prevents them from doing anything for a short duration or until they receive any damage
  • Sometimes this mechanic is accompanied by another damaging ability within one card, but the Spell, Sleep uses Disorient as its primary ability allowing players to effectively strategize their next damaging strike while the victim of disorient is stunned in place. 
  • This mechanic is mostly found in Blue Spells



Disorient Related Spell Cards

Green Spells

  • N/A

Red Spells

  • N/A

Blue Spells

White Spells

  • N/A

Black Cards

  • N/A


Disorient Notes & Tips

  • In Magic: The Gathering, A card was named Disorient, much like Sleep in Magic Legends



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