Dreadnaught Defense

Mission Act Act 1
Mission Type Ordeal Mission
Location Tolaria
Boss __boss__
Prev. Mission: Illusions of Safety
Next Mission: Paved with Good Intentions

Dreadnaught Defense is a Mission in Magic Legends. Dreadnaught Defense is an Ordeal Mission. Missions are various tasks that a player can acquire and enlist throughout the game, missions are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


Homarids have invaded an important research facility off the nearby Spice Coast. Deocent Arten has requested you assist Sentinel Fovrik in clearing the grounds of homarid influence by supporting his dreadnaughts. 

+points for destroying walls and killing juggernauts


Dreadnaught Defense Rewards

Tiered Rewards (Silver)

  • Spell Shards
  • 1350 Unrefined Aether
  • 350 Gold 
  • EXP 
  • + 12 more


Dreadnaught Defense Objectives

Protect the Tolarians and push the Homarid forces back to the Sea

  • Defeat Lightning Elemental
  • Charge Dreadnaught
  • Protect the Dreadnaught
  • Defeat Homarid Juggernauts
  • Camarid
  • Speak with the Tolarian Sentinel
  • Collect your Reward



Dreadnaught Defense Enemies

  • Lightning Elemental
  • Homarid Egg Clutch
  • Homarid Shaman
  • Homarid warrior
  • Homarid Juggernaut
  • Microzoa


Dreadnaught Defense Map

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Dreadnaught Defense Walkthrough

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Dreadnaught Defense Notes & Tips



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