Empyrean Fragments

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Empyrean Fragments is a type of currency or resource in Magic Legends. Currency is a form of in-game money used to purchase goods, wares, and various upgrades. There are multiple types of currencies in-game that are used in various ways. Currencies such as Gold, Eternal Echoes, Planar Mana, Aether, Zen, and more.



Empyrean Fragments Information

  • Empyrean Fragments are acquired from Booster Packs in the Magic Legends Store. They are used in the Empyrean Store, located on the Booster Pack page of the store.
  • Each Booster Pack that is opened gives an amount of Empyrean Shards. You can then use these shards to purchase items from the Empyrean Shard Store.
  • To find the Empyrean Shard Store: open the loadout menu  > go to Store > select Booster Packs > click Empyrean Shard Store.


Empyrean Shard Store

  • Equipment Unlocks: Unlocks a certain piece of Equipment and includes upgrade materials.
  • Equipment Cache: Grants upgrade materials for a certain piece of Equipment.
  • Spell Infusion for a specific Spell: Grants 600 spell pages for the indicated Spell. You must own the spell first in order to claim the item.
  • Infusion Pack: Contains a single Spell Infusion for a random spell in your library. The infusion granted by this pack will be stored in your inventory.
Item Purchase Value
Interrogate (Spell) 400 Empyrean Fragments
Suffocating Curiosity (Artifact) 300 Empyrean Fragments
Equipment Unlock: Chestplate of Rapacity 125 Empyrean Fragments
Equipment Unlock: Gauntlets of Rapacity 125 Empyrean Fragments
Equipment Unlock: Greaves of Rapacity 125 Empyrean Fragments
Equipment Unlock: Ring of Rapacity 75 Empyrean Fragments
Spell Infusion: Lightshield Barrier 50 Empyrean Fragments
Spell Infusion: Interrogate 50 Empyrean Fragments
Spell Infusion: Nightveil Stalker 50 Empyrean Fragments
Spell Infusion: Fire Dance 50 Empyrean Fragments
Whtie Infusion Pack 50 Empyrean Fragments
Blue Infusion Pack 50 Empyrean Fragments
Black Infusion Pack 50 Empyrean Fragments
Red Infusion Pack 50 Empyrean Fragments
Green Infusion Pack 50 Empyrean Fragments
Equipment Cache: Chestplate of Rapacity 50 Empyrean Fragments
Equipment Cache: Gauntlets of Rapacity 50 Empyrean Fragments
Equipment Cache: Greaves of Rapacity 50 Empyrean Fragments
Equipment Cache: Ring of Rapacity 50 Empyrean Fragments


Empyrean Fragments Notes & Tips

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