Greater Vulnerability

Stat Type Spell Mechanic
Effect Increase received damage

Greater Vulnerability in Magic Legends is a Spell Mechanic. Spell Mechanics are the keyword abilities that are incorporated into some Spells. Some mechanics are passive abilities and others allow players to spend mana to gain additional effects.


Vulnerability increases incoming damage


Greater Vulnerability Information

  • Greater Vulnerability is an effect that increases damage received by 25% for a short duration
  • This effect can be used to target foes to deal higher damage or is sometimes applied to the player as a result of another buff or ability.
  • For example, The Spell, Furnace of Rath grants the cardholder Greater Might but also gives them Greater Vulnerability
  • This effect can sometimes extend beyond the life of the victim. If an enemy dies before the effect is expired, the effect transfers over to another enemy. This transfer is only seen in the Spell, Parasitic Infection.
  • A related mechanic to Greater Vulnerability is Lesser Vulnerability, which has the same effects but has a lesser effectiveness
  • This effect is found in Red Spells and Black Spells



Greater Vulnerability Related Spell Cards

Green Spells

  • N/A

Red Spells

Blue Spells

  • N/A

White Spells

  • N/A

Black Spells


Greater Vulnerability Notes & Tips

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