Intimidating Roar

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Class N/A
Required Level -

Intimidating Roar in Magic Legends is a Trait. Intimidating Roar is a trait that can be acquired upon purchasing the Dimir Assassin Booster Pack. Traits are the stronger passive buffs of the various Classes of the game. Unlike Class Perks, traits can be equipped by any class, these slottable powers grant a stronger amount of power that greatly enhances the player's experience.


Intimidating Roar Description

  • Whenever you summon a creature with an "enter the battlefield" effect, that creature will also apply Lesser Weakness for 10 seconds to nearby enemies as it enters the battlefield.


Intimidating Roar Information

  • Class: N/A
  • Purchasing the Dimir Assassin Booster Pack will allow you to choose this trait from a selection of two more traits.


Intimidating Roar Notes & Tips

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