Items n Magic Legends is a type of equipment that can be used for various purposes in the game, the items are presented into various categories such as Spell Pages, World Enchantments, and various packs. Items such as Spell Pages can be obtained as a reward for completing specific Missions or they can be purchased from a Broker (Merchant) along with World Enchantments. This page covers a list of all the items in the game as well as its individual properties and relevant information. 


Magic Legends Items

World Enchantments in Magic Legends are items that grant bonuses and various effects to the game such as increasing the number of spell pages earned, acquiring more gold, stones, EXP, and many more. World Enchantments can be purchased from Merchants and these items are applied to various Missions such as Story Missions and Ordeals on Expert or greater difficulty levels to obtain greater rewards.

Your character must be level 30 to apply them and you can only hold a limited amount at a time. This page covers a list of all the World Enchantments in the game as well as its individual properties and relevant information.

World Enchantments are limited to seven per week in each Expert and Master difficulties, with a one hour time gate between drops. After ranking your Aetheric Core up to level 6, you can build the Prophetic Quill which allows for the creation of one World Enchant every 18 hours.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
+25% All Planar Mana
+25% Unrefined Aether
+25% Gold
+5% Exp
+50% All Planar Mana
+50% Unrefined Aether
+50% Gold
+10% Exp
+100% All Relic Fragments
+50% All Planar Mana
+50% Unrefined Aether
+50% Gold
+100% Spell Shards
+15% Exp


World Enchantments Magic Legends

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Name & Icon Effect
Selesnya Resistance
Drastically reduce damage enemies take from Green and White Sorceries.
Focused Magic
You do 50% less damage, but you gain a 10s +10% damage buff every time you cast a spell of the same color as the spell you previously cast (max +60%).
Overarching Magic
You and your summoned Creatures do half damage unless you have an Enchantment spell active.
Swirling Spells
Use this world enchantment to increase the number of Spell Pages earned by 25%. Additional spell pages will be granted upon Mission completion.
Abstract Ideals
Your non-Blue spells cost 50% more mana.
Rotating Shield
Enemies occasionally gain invulnerability shields, which will pass from one enemy to another before expiring.
Dimir Resistance
Drastically reduce damage enemies take from Blue and Black Sorceries.
Final Strike
Enemies shoot a final bolt of energy when they die.
Scholar's Benefit
You don't heal out of Combat. Heal for 5% of your max Health whenever you draw a Card.
Surge Reliance
You don't gain mana unless you are in Mana Surge. Your Mana Surge charges 5 times faster.
Enemies target you in preference to your Creatures.
Font of Riches
Use this world enchantment to increase the amount of gold earned by 25%. Additional gold will be granted upon Mission completion.
Deliberate Tempo
Whenever you cast a spell, you can't cast another for 3s.
Mana Brawl
You don't regain mana normally. Whenever you use a Class Ability, you gain a small amount of mana.
Hostile Spiders spawn on dead enemies.
Death's Servant
A slow-moving but indestructible enemy pursues you. A single touch means death.
Gruul Resistance
Drastically reduce damage enemies take from Red and Green Sorceries.
Sorcery Suppression
Your Sorceries do 50% less damage.
Nature's Way
All your non-Green creatures have 60% less Health.
50% of the damage done to your critters is also done to you.
Spell Burst

You do -70% damage unless you have cast a spell within the last 5 seconds.

Healing Spheres
Magical spheres appear and travel across the map, healing your enemies.
Magical Purity
Whenever you cast a non-White spell, you gain Greater Snare for 5s.
Air Support
High-flying Dragons appear occasionally to strafe your position.
Dark Devotion
Whenever you cast a non-Black spell, lose 40% of your maximum Health.
Relic Rush
Use this world enchantment to increase the amount of Artifact Leveling Stones earned by 25%. Additional Relic Caches will be granted upon Mission completion.
Azorious Resistance
Drastically reduce damage enemies take from White and Blue Sorceries.
Betraying Ground
Every few seconds a damaging hazard spawns beneath your feet.
Mana Feedback
Whenever you cast a spell, take damage equal to 20% (Tier2) of your max HP
Enemies do 25% more damage, but take 50% more damage from Red Sorceries (Tier3)
Color Alliance
Your base mana regen is 70% lower. Whenever you cast a spell, gain 1 mana of any of that spell's allied colors that you have in your deck. (Tier3)


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