Type  Dragon
Location Shiv, Benalish Outpost
Related Mission
Dragon in Chains

Kyashatar is an Boss in Magic Legends. Bosses in Magic Legends can be location-specific and make certain drops.  There are usually specific bosses related to some missions as well. Cooperation Play is available to help defeat stronger bosses. 


Kyashatar Information

Kyashatar is a Dragon Boss from the Benalish outpost summoned by Captain Rhalts when they refused to set Darigaaz free. When he's in the air, he has a burning fiery spit that leaves a damaging burning trail and a landing attack indicated by the burning circle on the ground. 


You can find the following Item Drops upon defeating a Kyashatar

  • item 1
  • item 2


Kyashatar Location

Kyashatar can be found in the following locations:

  • Benalish Outpost, Shiv
  • ??


Kyashatar Related Missions

The following Missions are related to Kyashatar:


Kyashatar Notes and tips

  • Notes and tips go here



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