Lesser Weakness

Stat Type Spell Mechanic
Effect Increase Damage Dealt

Lesser Weakness in Magic Legends is a Spell Mechanic. Spell Mechanics are the keyword abilities that are incorporated into some Spells. Some mechanics are passive abilities and others allow players to spend mana to gain additional effects.


Weakness reduces damage dealt

Lesser Weakness Information

  • Lesser Weakness is the effect that increases damage dealt. Since Weakness reduces damage dealt, Lesser Weakness decreases this reduction. 
  • This mechanic is not usually applied to players, but instead, temporarily affects other foes as a result of another ability or buff.
  • For example, the SpellNema StiltlurkerDeal 628 damage, Taunt, and apply Lesser Weakness to nearby foes for 10 seconds. This temporarily increases their damage dealt after the ability to Taunt them and dealing a damaging attack. 
  • A mechanic related to this would be, Greater Weakness, it is also applied to enemies to create the same effect, but has a greater effectiveness
  • This effect is mainly found in Green Spells and Black Spells



Lesser Weakness Related Spell Cards

Green Spells

Red Spells

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Blue Spells

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White Spells

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Black Spells


Lesser Weakness Notes & Tips

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