Multicolor Spells or Multicolor Spell Cards in Magic Legends is one of the Spells or card categories of the game. Multicolor Spells or Spell Cards consists of various spells that are tied to two specific colors of Mana and can ONLY be used in Decks that comprise those two colors. There are a number of Multicolor spells that can either cast sorceries, enchantments, and even summon unique creatures. This page covers a list of all the Multicolor Spells or Multicolor Spell Cards in Magic: Legends.

Upgrading Spells

There are certain materials that are used to upgrade the level or potency of the player's spells, and those materials are identified as Aether and Spell Shards. Spell Shards are fragments of a card wherein you can increase the level of the card if you've collected enough shards. Spell Shards are obtained as loot wherein it can be given as a reward for completing certain quests or dropped by enemies or bosses.

Aether, on the other hand, can be obtained by collecting Unrefined Aether from completing Overworld Activities and Missions, or Battlepass rewards which then are automatically refined into Aether. Alternatively, you can also convert ZEN, a paid currency into Refined Aether. Each account has a daily Aether Refinement cap of 50,000, and a maximum Aether storage cap of 2,000,000.

Mana Color Specialization

Listed below are the various colors of mana that have their own specialization:

  • White: Healing, Control, Protection, Retribution.
  • Blue: Control, Efficiency, Manipulation, Defensive Creatures.
  • Green: Healing, Mana Ramping, Buffing Creatures, Strong Creatures.
  • Red: Damage, Aggression, Offensive Creatures, Enter the Battlefield Effects.
  • Black: Life Drain, Raising the Dead, Sacrifice for Gain, Single Target Damage.

Spell Deck

Players are given the freedom to build their deck of cards which includes various abilities such as summoning, magical attacks, and defensive or supportive effects. Players can choose and mix up to two colors of up to 12 cards which gives freedom of customization that can cater to a person's preferred playstyle or create various tactics and roles if you are in a team.



Magic Legends All Multicolor Spells










Multicolor Spells Comparison Table

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Nightveil Stalker

Creature - 4/1 Spirit Assassin


On Summon: Deals 1,570 damage to a foe and Stun it for 2 seconds. 

Special Ability: Every third spell you draw, teleport to a foe, deal 1,570 damage, and Stun it for 2 seconds. Loses Hexproof for 6 seconds



For 8.0 seconds, the creature you control with the highest power gets +2/+0. Draw a spell. If you control a creature with 4 power more than its toughness, draw wo spells instead.

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