Noyan Dar

Type Merfolk
Location Tazeem
Related Mission
Divisive Rumblings

Noyan Dar is an Boss in Magic Legends. Bosses in Magic Legends can be location-specific and make certain drops.  There are usually specific bosses related to some missions as well. Cooperation Play is available to help defeat stronger bosses. 


Noyan Dar Information

Noyan Dar is a long-time rival of Thada Adel and a leader of the Merfolk. He can be found in the original Magic: The Gathering cards as Noyan Dar, Roil shaper, and Merkfolk Ally. He believes that only through his leadership will Tazeem regrow by using the Roil despite it causing great upheaval. But the Roil will cause massive shifts in mana, upheaval of the land and a so much destruction. 



You can receive the following rewards upon defeating a Noyan Dar


Noyan Dar Location

Noyan Dar can be found in the following locations:


Noyan Dar Related Missions

The following Missions are related to Noyan Dar:

  • Divising Ramblings  (here he is the Boss to kill)


Noyan Dar Notes and tips

  • He is featured on his own Magic:The Gathering card as a Legendary Creature - Merfolk Ally, Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper
  • After many years as a lullmage, Noyan Dar turned his talents from allaying Zendikar's fury to the considerably easier task of rousing it. 



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