Obsidian Morph

Class Geomancer
Required LVL 6
Spark Meter Cost 60/sec
You gain a shield equal to your maximum health for as long as the power is active.

Obsidian Morph in Magic Legends is a Class Perk. Obsidian Morph is an exclusive perk for the Geomancer Planeswalker. Class Perks are passive boosts of the various Classes of the game. Each perk is unique and resonates specifically with a class, and unlocking a perk further enhances the stats of the character and boosts the effects of its abilities.


Obsidian Morph Description

  • You gain a shield equal to your maximum health for as long as the power is active.
  • You may not cast spells or use class Abilities while this power is active, but you gain access to new powers during its effect.


  • Obsidian Fist: Deal damage to foes in a cone in front of you.


  • Cataclysm: Pull foes towards you in a line in front, behind, and to each side of you, and then deal damage to foes around you. 10 second cooldown.


  • Boulder Form: Gain increased movement speed while channeling this power, knocking away and dealing damage to foes you pass through while moving.


Obsidian Morph Information

  • Class: Geomancer
  • Spark Meter Cost: 60/sec
  • Obsidian Morph can be unlocked upon reaching 6 LVL of the Geomancer class.


Obsidian Morph Notes & Tips

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