PvP in Magic Legends is a feature where players and duel other players or friends in the game. 


Magic: Legends PvP 

  • PvP is only available in their dueling matches where players duel each other one-on-one.
  • There is no free for all PvP available in Magic Legends. 
  • The PvP Battlemaster can be found at The Sanctum where the PvP duel can be initiated


PvP Battlemaster

There is a PvP arena that players can enter and queue for a PvP duel with friends or other players. This is done by speaking to the PvP Battlemaster at The Sanctum. When done queuing the game will notify the players when their match is ready with the mission and location of the match. This will be the final chance to change your mind and opt-out of the duel by declining the match. 

The duel will be a best of three type match. Entering the match will transport you to the dueling location and you will be given a little more than a minute to prepare. A countdown timer at the top left of the screen will indicate how much time there is left before the match officially begins. The class and level of the opposing player will not be revealed at this point, but their user name is seen at the top HP bar. 

Once the match ends, players will be transported back to the Sanctum. 

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