PvP Battlemaster

Location The Sanctum
PvP Duels

The PvP Battlemaster is a Merchant, NPC in Magic Legends. Merchants in Magic Legends can interact with the Player's Planeswalker and they may provide a service or sell useful items related to MissionsSpells or Equipment. Most merchants can be found around The Sanctum.


PvP Battlemaster Information

  • The PvP Battlemaster will be able to initiate PvP duel matches when spoken to. 
  • When a round is initiated, he will ask for confirmation before transporting players to the PvP arena 
  • A PvP duel will have three round and the match is won Best of 3. 


PvP Battlemaster Location

PvP Battlemaster can be found in the following locations:


PvP Battlemaster Notes and tips

  • Notes and tips go here



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