Ral Zarek

Planeswalker YES
Location Tazeem
Related Mission
Mana Towers

Ral Zarek is an NPC in Magic Legends. NPCs in Magic Legends can interact with the Player's Planeswalker and they may provide information, as well as MissionsSpells or Equipment. Sometimes NPCs even accompany the player on Quests or Missions and assist them in combat. Several NPCs are even famous characters from the Magic the Gathering universe.


Ral Zarek Information

Ral Zarek is a an ally who is a Planeswalker that directs the player through the tutorial of the game. He is associated with the Mana colors Red and Blue. He can be found in the classic Magic: The Gathering Cards as Ral, Storm Conduit, Ral, Izzet Viceroy and Ral Zarek

He describes himself as a simple man - a member of the Izzet League and a powerful mage who can control storms and travel among the planes. He was born in Ravnica, came to the Tenth District to learn about  the Izzet League and studied storm magic under a dragon. 


Ral Zarek Location

Ral Zarek can be found in the following locations:

  • location 1
  • ??


Ral Zarek Related Missions

The following Missions are related to Ral Zarek:

  • Mission 1
  • Mission 2


Notes and tips

  • He is featured in the classic Magic: The Gathering Cards as Ral, Storm Conduit and Ral Izzet Viceroy, and Ral Zarek


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