Rare Relic Fragments

Item Type Upgrade Resource/Currency

Rare Relic Fragments is a type of currency or resource in Magic Legends. Relic Fragments are upgrade materials or resources/currency that are mainly used for upgrading your Artifacts. Relic fragments come in four levels of rarity – common, uncommon, rare, and mythic, and these can be acquired by picking-up Relic Caches from random drops.



Rare Relic Fragments Information

  • Rare Relic Fragments are used to upgrade Artifacts from Ranks 11 to 20.
  • Apart from using these fragments, players are also required to spend a certain amount of Gold for upgrading an Artifact.
  • Relic Fragments are random drops that a player can obtain from relic caches they find while exploring the Multiverse.
  • Each relic cache the player finds has a chance of either unlocking an Artifact or providing relic fragments.
  • Relic Fragments sometimes drop from killed enemies but they can be commonly acquired by opening relic caches found within Shattered Reliquaries.
  • Shattered Reliquaries are these small secret dungeons that are scattered across different areas of a Location.
  • In order to find Shattered Reliquaries, if you are near one, you'll sense it and you'll hear this pulsating sound. Follow the sound and it will get louder and pulsate faster if you are on the right track. You'll also notice a small icon below the mini-map on the top right of the screen that will notify you when there is a Shattered Reliquary nearby and if you are close to finding it.
  • Once you find the source, a portal will open, allowing you to enter. Inside a Shattered Reliquary, you'll face some enemies, and you'll need to defeat the guardian that's protecting the relic cache. Upon collecting the cache, the reliquary will collapse, and you'll be prompted to use the nearby teleporter to exit the dungeon.
  • Unlocking and upgrading the Arcane Workshop in your Personal Realm allows you to increase the drop rate of Artifacts and Relic Fragments from enemies and Shattered Reliquaries. Take note that increasing the rank of the said workstation requires a certain amount of GoldPlanar Mana, and other specific requirements.


Rare Relic Fragments Notes & Tips

  • A really great way to farm these is to run the Mission Geralf's Charge on Gavony over and over.
  • Other, notes, tips, and trivia.



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