Red Cards in Magic Legends is one of the five types of cards. Red Cards resonate with Red Mana and the Geomancer planeswalker, which allows the player to conjure elemental properties, specifically fire, to unleash destructive attacks, chaos, and direct damage. Although Red Cards synergize well with the Geomancer class, in Magic: Legends, players can still branch out and equip other color-specific cards such as Green, Blue, Black, and White to their deck. This page covers a list of all the Red Cards in Magic: Legends.


Magic Legends All Red Cards




Mana Cost

Max Rank

Spell Pages Requirements







Lava Vortex Red three-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??   - 10 70 Circle Uncommon An AoE spell that conjures a vortex of lava that pulls in enemies and continuously damages caught within the pool of lava.
Slag Strike Red red-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ??  - Instant 10 Single Common Sends the caster flying forward in a straight line and executes a strong punch that knocks back and damages enemies.
Char Red one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??   ??  ??  ?? ?? Uncommon A close-range spell that shoots a fast pulse of magma which pushes the caster back and knocks back, damages enemies.
Earth Elemental Red two-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ??  ??  ??  ??  ?? ?? Uncommon Summons a titan made out of rocks that aids you in battle
Elemental Shatter Red two-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ??  ?? Melee  - - - Rare Summons a titan that explodes after a period of time that deals damage.
Emberlings Red two-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ??  ?? Ranged - - - Common Summons three emberlings that shoots out lava projectiles at enemies
Seismic Grasp Red red-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ?? - Instant 35 Cone Uncommon The user stomps onto the ground that calls out rocks on the ground that launches enemies to the air and towards the caster.
Flametongue Kavu Red one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??   ??  ??  ??  ?? Common Summons a beast that can pummel enemies and shoot out a stream of fire like a flamethrower.
Earth Spike Red one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ??  -  Instant 40 Line Common An AoE spell that summons spikes from the ground that damages and launches enemies into the air.
Pyroclasm Red one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??  ?? Common Stores energy that draws in nearby enemies and releases a blast that knocks back and inflicts damage.
Molten Shell Red three-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??   ??  ??  ??  ?? Common Covers the user with magma that decreases the attack from enemies and also damages enemies who are caught within the molten slag.
Magma Burst Red five-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??  ??   ??  ??  ?? Common Conjures a burst of energy that creates a shockwave that sends out magma and stones towards enemies.
Bathe in Dragonfire Red five-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? - 50 Line Rare  Deal x damage to foes in a line, then create a hazard that deals an additional  x damage over 5 seconds.
Goblin Rush Red red-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? Single ?? Self Single Common Whenever you cast a Sorcery, create a 1/1 Goblin creature token.
Goblin Warchief Red one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? Melee ?? ?? ?? Uncommon Other creatures you control get +1/+0. Goblins you control also get Greater Swiftness.

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