Sorceries in Magic Legends is one of the spells or card category. Sorcery Spells/Cards are single-use powers that can quickly turn the tide of a battle in your favor. With the use of a sorcery card, you can conjure spells such as calling forth a dragon that engulfs your foes in flames, heal yourself, your allies, as well as any summoned Creatures or control the minds of your enemies that are on the battlefield. Sorcery spells or cards are not tied to a specific color of mana but it is widely available to all. This page covers a list of all the Sorcery spells/cards in Magic: Legends.


Magic Legends All Sorceries




Mana Cost

Max Rank

Spell Pages Requirements







Icicle Blue two-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??  ?? Shoots ice fragments in a straight line that freezes and damages enemies.
Mass Manipulation Blue x-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxx-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? ?? 10 Self Circle Rare Take control of enemy creatures in an area around you for x seconds. The radius increases with the amount of mana spent, and the duration is reduced by 50% per enemy rank above Standard.
Telestrike Blue  ??  ?? ??   ??  ??  ??  ??  ?? Teleports onto an area and releases a shockwave that pushes back and damages enemies.
Psionic Shatter Blue  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??  ?? Shoots out energy in a straight line that damages enemies.
Tidal Wave Blue  ??  ?? ??   ??  ??  ??  ??  ?? An AoE attack that calls out a tidal wave that pushes back and damages enemies.
Magnetic Pulse Blue  ?? ??  ??   ??  ??  ??  ??  ?? Sets a trap that pulls in nearby enemies and damages for a brief period.
Phantasmagoria Blue four-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ?? - 5 70 Circle Uncommon Summons a mythical creature that traps enemies in a bubble that deals damage over time.
Dominate Blue one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ?? - 19.5 70 Single  Rare Take control of the target foe creature for x seconds.
Tornado Blue three-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? - 5 70 Circle  Uncommon Create a hazard that pulls foes in as it moves forward, dealing x damage over 5 seconds.
Water Elemental Blue three-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? Melee ?? ?? ?? Common On Summon: Pulls nearby foes toward itself and briefly knocks them down.
Lava Vortex Red three-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??   - 10 70 Circle Uncommon An AoE spell that conjures a vortex of lava that pulls in enemies and continuously damages caught within the pool of lava.
Slag Strike Red red-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ??  - Instant 10 Single Common Sends the caster flying forward in a straight line and executes a strong punch that knocks back and damages enemies.
Char Red one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??   ??  ??  ?? ?? Uncommon A close-range spell that shoots a fast pulse of magma which pushes the caster back and knocks back, damages enemies.
Seismic Grasp Red red-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ?? - Instant 35 Cone Uncommon The user stomps onto the ground that calls out rocks on the ground that launches enemies to the air and towards the caster.
Earth Spike Red one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ??  -  Instant 40 Line Common An AoE spell that summons spikes from the ground that damages and launches enemies into the air.
Pyroclasm Red one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??  ?? Common Stores energy that draws in nearby enemies and releases a blast that knocks back and inflicts damage.
Magma Burst Red five-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??  ??   ??  ??  ?? Common Conjures a burst of energy that creates a shockwave that sends out magma and stones towards enemies.
Bathe in Dragonfire Red five-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? - 50 Line Rare  Deal x damage to foes in a line, then create a hazard that deals an additional x damage over 5 seconds.
Divine Wrath White two-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??  Common An AoE attack that conjures a blast of holy light on the ground that damages and knocks back enemies.
Healing Recall White two-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ?? - Instant Self Single  Common Heal for X. Heal creatures you contril for X and teleport them to your location.
Heavenly Assault White six-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? - Instant 70 Circle  Uncommon Deal x damage to foes in the area.
Phalanx Charge White three-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? - Instant 60 Rectangle  Uncommon Deal X damage to foes in front of you.
Radiant Volley White one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ?? - Instant 70 Line  Common Deal x damage and Stun foes in a line for 4 seconds
Revenge White one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxwhite-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ?? - Instant 25 Cone  Common Deal X damage in a cone.
Critical: Deal Double damage if you have 50% or less health
Hunt of the Apex Green green-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxgreen-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??  - Instant 70 Single Uncommon A creature you control with the highest Power deals x of its Power to foes at target location and applies Taunt to them for 10 seconds.
Mighty Bellow Green  ??  ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Nourish Green one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxgreen-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxgreen-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??  - 5 70 Circle Common Heal yourself and nearby players for x, plus an additional x over 5 seconds. Heal nearby allied creatures for x, plus an additional x over 5 seconds.
Giant Growth Green green-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxgreen-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??  -  8.8  N/A Single Common A creature you control with the highest combined Power and Toughness gets +3/+3 for x seconds.
Gift Of Reincarnation Green two-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxgreen-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ??  - 8.8 N/A Single Rare Your creature with the lowest current health percentage gain Regenerate for x seconds. 
Animalistic Fury Green two-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxgreen-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxgreen-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px  ?? ?? - 8 Self Single Common You have Lesser Swiftness and deal 50% additional damage with Primary abilities for x seconds. Your Secondary and Utility class abilities recharge twice as fast for the duration.
Rampant Growth Green green-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxgreen-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? Melee ?? ?? ??   You have Greater Mana Regen for x seconds
Vicious Hunger Black one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? - Instant 70 Single Common Deal x damage to target foe, and heal for x.
Wailing Souls Black one-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? - 10 50 Medium Common Deal x damage to foes in a line, then create a hazard that applies Lesser Snare and deals an additional x damage to foe inside over 10 seconds.
Abyssal Flame Black four-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? - 5 70 Medium Uncommon Create a hazard at target location taht deals x damage to foes that in the area over 5 seconds.

Critical: Deal 50% additional damage to foes with 50% or less health
Voracious Thrull Black four-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Uncommon ??

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