Soulsteal Potency

Stat Type Stat Bonus
Effect Increases the healing received when killing a Creature

Soulsteal Potency in Magic Legends is a Stat Bonus. Stat Bonuses are lasting buffs from any sources that enhance the stats of a Planeswalker, Abilities, or specific types of Spells. These enhancements are primarily granted by Modifiers from Class Passives and wearable Equipment such as Armor, Accessories, and Artifacts.



Soulsteal Potency Information

  • Increases the healing received when killing a Creature



Soulsteal Potency Related Equipment



Soulsteal Potency Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Is Soulsteal an effect of a class ability? If so it would be nice if those classes/abilities were listed in the definition as an example. as it is written it means nothing. In my mind it basically says..." this is a stat bonus, and it is a bonus to stats. Here is the stat and the bonus" It just confuses me. Where does the original stat for soulsteal come from? If I am wearing an item that has a soulsteal bonus do I gain that bonus automatically when the mob I kill dies regardless of my class? Help! The lack of transparency in the game for character stats is confusing me.

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