Spell Mechanics in Magic Legends are the keyword abilities that are incorporated into specific Spells, Armor, and Artifacts. Some mechanics are passive abilities and others allow players to spend mana to gain additional effects. This page covers a list of all the spell mechanics featured in Magic: Legends.


 Magic Legends Spell Mechanics


Mechanic Name Effect
Damage dealt by the creature will also heal you
Spend additional mana to kick the ability and trigger additional effects
Prevents you from being targeted by enemies 
Sacrifice a creature in play to gain a buff or an additional effect
Basic projectiles pass through enemies
Entrap enemies in place with roots
Reflect enemy damage back to the attacker. Damage dealt is limited to your maximum health
Allows a one-time full health regeneration
Disorients enemies by stunning them for 8 seconds or until they are damaged 
Momentarily stuns and incapacitates enemies
Greater Swiftness
Greater Swiftness is an increase in movement speed 
Lesser Swiftness
Lesser Swiftness is the increase in movement speed less than Greater Swiftness
Greater Weakness
Greater Weakness refers to the increase in reduction to damage dealt 
Lesser Weakness
Lesser Weakness refers to the increase in reduction to damage dealt less than Greater Weakness
Greater Snare
Greater Snare reduces movement speed
Lesser Snare
Lesser Snare reduces movement speed less than Greater Snare
Greater Vulnerability
Greater Vulnerability increases damage received
Lesser Vulnerability
Lesser Vulnerability inreases damage received less than Greater Vulnerability
Basic attacks hit multiple targets
Greater Haste
Increase of attack speed
Greater Slow
Decrease of attack speed
Taunt is the ability to block an active player's creature that can attack
Greater Resistance
Increases resistance to damage from enemies
Lesser Resistance
Increases resistance to damage from enemies, but for less than Greater Resistance
Greater Mana Regeneration
Increase the speed of Mana Regeneration during combat
Lesser Mana Regeneration
Increases the speed of Mana Regeneration during combat
Summon X
For spells with "x" in their cost, press and hold to spend more mana
 Transform into second form if available
Greater Might
Increase damage strength
Deal its power in damage when hit

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    • Anonymous

      29 Mar 2021 01:27  

      The wording on the Lesser abilities are mostly all wrong, lesser swiftness gives you a small increase in speed, lesser resistance is an increase not a decrease, lesser mana regen gives you a small increase in mana regen. etc etc etc otherwise why would upgrade the chance to have lesser mana regen, or lesser swiftness, lesser resistance. please test your "Theories" before you post blatant lies on here.

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