Unstable Beam



Deal 3704 damage to foes in front of you twice per second, as long as you maintain this spell. Foes have a chance to be knocked down. (For spells with x-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px in their cost, press and hold to spend more mana.)

sorcery-magic-legends-wiki-guide Mythic Sorcery

Unstable Beam is a Spell or Sorcery Spell Card in Magic Legends. Unstable Beam is a Sorcery sorcery spell card, and Magic Legends features different spells or magic that are used in battle to execute powerful attacks and conjure a variety of buffs and effects. All cards are grouped into a color system consisting of five colors: white, blue, black, red, and green where players get to mix and build a deck consisting of 12 cards of up to two different colors.


When everything else failed, Myrikka grit her teeth, and channeled all of her energy into one final blast, hoping for a miracle.


Unstable Beam Information

  • Card Color: Red
  • Max Rank: 10
  • Spell Pages Needed For Max Rank: ??
  • Mana Cost: x-mana-cost-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxred-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px
  • Rarity: Mythic





Unstable Beam Acquisition

  • Acquired as a reward for participating in the Mana Rig Mayhem Event last April 29, 2021.
  • Collect 14 Mana Rig Signets and visit the Aetheric Core in your Realm to unlock the Unstable Beam spell, 2 Unstable Beam Spell Infuser packs, 100,000 Gold, and 150,000 Unrefined Aether.
  • You can also purchase the completion of the event criteria via the Services tab of the Magic Legends Store, if you prefer - purchase up to 14 days' worth of progress or just play all the way.



Unstable Beam Notes & Tips

  • Tapping a directional movement key while channeling causes the beam to shift to that direction but a longer input will end the spell. (It will only shift in 90 degree increments most of the time, so diagonal will usually stay diagonal)
  • ??



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