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Zen is a type of currency or resource in Magic Legends. Currency is a form of in-game money used to purchase goods, wares, and various upgrades. There are multiple types of currencies in-game that are used in various ways. Currencies such as Gold, Eternal Echoes, Planar Mana, Aether, Zen, and more.



Zen Information

  • Zen can be earned via purchasing it from Arc. You will need to use Arc Points, an Arc Prepaid Card, or a Credit or Debit Card to purchase Zen.
  • To exchange Zen for Aether – or Aether for Zen – navigate to the main menu and select ‘Wallet’. Here, you will see your various currency balances and the currency exchange icon.
  • If you open the loadout menu, click on the Zen icon at the top right of the screen and the system will route you to the Arc Games Website to purchase Zen.
  • Zen is mainly used to purchase items in the Magic Legends Store such as booster packs, battle pass, and many more.

Purchasing Zen

  • 1,000 Zen costs $10
  • 2,000 Zen costs $20
  • 5,000 Zen +300 Bonus costs $50
  • 10,000 Zen + 1,000 Bonus costs $100
  • 20,000 Zen +3,000 Bonus costs $200


Zen Notes & Tips

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