Difficulty Levels for Magic Legends are modifiers that further change and customizes the overall gameplay of the game. It throws players with bigger challenges, allowing them to master the combat mechanics and to obtain greater rewards. By default, players start off with the Normal difficulty. This page covers information regarding the difficult levels of Magic Legends.


Magic Legends Difficulty Levels


Choosing a Difficulty Level In-Game.

Difficulty Levels

There are four levels to choose from, Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master. And by default, players will start off with the Normal difficulty.

Unlocking Difficulty Levels

You can unlock Hard, Expert, and Master difficulties by reaching certain milestones during your playthrough. So difficulties are unlockable with progress after your class level reaches level 30.

Changes in Difficulty Levels

As you increase the difficulty level of a mission, you'll face stronger enemies, some gameplay mechanics or features are added to the mission through World Enchantments, and you'll also obtain a high quantity of greater rewards for successfully completing the mission.

  • In Hard Difficulty, each of the game's regions and all their corresponding overworld maps can have an optional regional enchantment.
  • While in Expert and Master difficulties, these enchantments cannot be removed, it is random, and are automatically applied once you start the mission.

Regional Enchantments

Regional Enchantments will modify the Combat in that Region in a particular way, and they will rotate every few weeks. An example of a Regional Enchantment is Burning, this covers the enemies in that region in flames, which will cause DoT on you and your allies who get close to them. For a full list detailing each Regional Enchantment's effect, please refer to the Regional Enchantments Page.

World Enchantments

World Enchantments is a type of item that modifies a Mission. Before you start a mission, you can apply World Enchantments to add, change, or alter various effects to the mission you are about to take. These are craftable items that can be made with materials, in your personal meditation realm. They are also tradeable at the broker and are consumable once used. Using these World Enchantments will up the challenge but also give significant rewards. You may find a list of each World Enchantment's effects and their individual pages here.

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