Regional Enchantments in Magic Legends are lasting Combat modifications covering specific Regions of an Overworld or Mission Map, making the environment more challenging for Planeswalkers to conquer. While Regional Enchantments are optional on the Hard Difficulty Level, they are automatically and randomly applied on the Expert and Master Difficulty Levels. Consequently, players will reap with higher tier rewards when choosing to play in various Regions to overcome these obstacles. These lasting effects can present extra challenges to Planeswalkers in three ways: 


  • Applying a self debuff: For example, Attenuation halves the damage of all the ranged attacks from you and your allies. 
  • Augmenting the Combat capabilities of enemies: For example, Poison causes enemy attacks to apply extra DoT damage to you when successfully landed. 
  • A trade-off rule that buffs certain Combat capabilities, but either enforces a penalty when they are used, or applies an independent, lasting debuff instead(applicable to enemies or Planeswalkers). For example, Sorcerous Overdrive buffs Planeswalkers' Sorcery Damage, but dictates that they lose a percentage of max HP each time they cast a Sorcery Spell.


Since Regional Enchantments are not accessible until Hard Difficulty Level is unlocked, the are only available from level 30 onwards. This page covers a list of all the Regional Enchantments in Magic Legends, as well as their individual effects and relevant information.



Regional Enchantments Magic Legends

Name & Icon Effect
Color Alliance
Your base mana regen is 50% lower. Whenever you cast a spell, gain 1 mana of any of that spell's allied colors that you have in your deck.
Nearby enemies do damage over time to you and your allies.
Enemies move X% faster and use their special attacks Y% more often.
Final Explosion
Enemies explode after death.
Unnatural Dangers
Hazards do 100% more damage [to everyone].
Mana Overload
Take extra damage (up to 100% more) based on how much mana you're missing.
Necromantic Aura
Enemies have an X% chance to resurrect with 50% Hit Points.
Enemies poison you when they attack, doing X damage over Y seconds.
Enemies reflect 20% of the damage they take.
Unearthly Durability
Enemies take 50% less damage from player-summoned Creatures.
You and your allies do half damage with ranged attacks.
Rakdos Resistance
Enemies take 50% less damage from Black and Red Sorcery spells.
Sorcerous Overdrive
Your Sorceries do 20% more damage, but you take damage equal to 10% of your max HP whenever you cast one.
Mana Feedback
Whenever you cast a spell, take damage equal to 20% of your max HP.
Enemies do 25% more damage, but take 50% more damage from Red Sorceries.


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