New Player Help for Magic Legends covers various information that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game. The aim is to help both new and veteran players to further understand the game and to know what it has to offer.

Helpful Links:

  • Walkthrough: A detailed guide of the game's main story.
  • Skills: Explore all the active skills for the different classes.
  • Classes: Learn more about the playable classes in the game.
  • Controls: Covers the details of the basic layout of the controller for all platforms.
  • Combat: Provides information on the basic and advanced combat system of Magic: Legends.
  • Equipment & Magic: Lists all available gear players can find throughout the world, as well as craftable gear.


Magic Legends New Player Help


Do I need to be a Magic: The Gathering Player to be a Magic: Legends Player? 

No, though Magic Legends occurs within the same multiverse as Magic The Gathering, both are completely separate games and can be enjoyed on their own. Magic Legends Spell Cards consist of their own new set of titles, abilities, and mechanics separate from Magic The Gathering, though players of Magic The Gathering may be able to recognize some of the classic characters and creatures.  


Choosing a Planeswalker

There are currently five Classes of Planeswalkers available when beginning a new game. New players can create their own Planeswalker and not have to worry about only choosing one class because the other classes can be eventually unlocked with progress or purchased at the Store for immediate availability. The planeswalker you choose at the start only determines the class you begin with. The class also does not bind players to specific spells. All planeswalker classes can equip any color mana spell type up to a maximum of two colors in one deck. 

Cosmetics and Appearances can also be modified at any time of the game once players have access to The Sanctum. There will be a tailor located at the Sanctum where players can change their character appearances. 



The five classes of Planeswalker correspond to their mana color and spells. Each color class of spells also have their own defining traits and each Planeswalker class has its own unique set of TraitsPerks, and Abilities that can complement spells and aid in Combat.  

  • white-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Sanctifier - White: Healing, Control, Protection, Retribution.
  • blue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Mind MageBlue: Control, Efficiency, Manipulation, Defensive Creatures.
  • green-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Beastcaller - Green: Healing, Mana Ramping, Buffing Creatures, Strong Creatures.
  • red-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Geomancer -  Red: Damage, Aggression, Offensive Creatures, Enter the Battlefield Effects.
  • black-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Necromancer - Black: Life Drain, Raising the Dead, Sacrifice for Gain, Single Target Damage.

The 6th Class, blue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20pxblack-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Dimir Assassin, is a Blue Black Mana planeswalker, available with the Battlepass level 50.





Levels & Loadout Score

During Gameplay, the Planeswalker Level, Class Level will level up as you progress. The Class Level will only level up one particular class when it is in use and the Planeswalker Level, which represents a player's overall level, will level up whenever the Class Level progresses. Class Levels can only progress up to level 30, which is when their Traits are unlocked. The Planeswalker Level can progress up to level 320 and will affect a player's Stats as it increases. 

gear-score-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-24pxLoadout Score is indicated on the top left of the loadout screen. This represents a combination of the player's overall power including spell levels, artifact levels, class level, and equipment levels. It also affects a player's health and damage bonus. The score is used to appropriately select a difficulty level. For example, it is recommended that plays don't select hard mode until reaching a Loadout Score of 400. 



Once more than 12 Spell Cards are obtained, players will be able to build their own decks. There must be 12 cards in a deck and the game will not allow any less. Only up to two classes of cards can be selected in a deck and can only contain a total of 12 Creature Points or CP. If multiple cards of one spell are obtained, two of the same Spell Card cannot be used in the same deck. However, these extra spells can be sold to the Consignment Broker for Gold. It would also be helpful to include less mana costly cards so that the downtime duration is not so long in between spells when waiting for Mana to recharge. Also, though any Planeswalker Class may equip any colored spell, some traits and perks of Planeswalkers may complement spells from their original corresponding color better.

Decks can be modified at any time if not engaged in combat or in the middle of completing a Mission. Different combinations of decks can be saved at the loadout as well. 




Combat in the game is done mainly through the Planeswalker Abilities - which don't require mana and Spells. There is no Weapons Equipment for combat, but Armor Equipment can be obtained to add some extra buffs to certain spells or abilities. These different buffs can be found in Stat Bonuses, and are attached to different Equipment pieces such as Head Equipment, Body Equipment, Hands Equipment, Feet Equipment, and Accessories. A different set of Stat Bonuses can be found in equipable Artifacts as well. 

All Equipment can be upgraded for greater effects and a higher loadout score. 



Spells will be the main combat method. Once players have their Spell Cards for their decks, four cards are drawn at a time and players can choose which spell they would like to cast from the four at hand, given that they have the sufficient Mana of the corresponding color to pay the full mana cost. These four cards rotate from the deck of 12 cards. Once a card is used, it goes back into the deck for a chance to be pulled again. 

Spells can be upgraded to deal greater damage and have greater effects with Spell Pages. This will also affect a player's Loadout Score. 

For an extensive guide on Combat, please check the Combat page here.


Mana Meter

Mana is required to cast spells, with each spell having a different mana cost. Mana is divided into the colors that are in a deck and splits according to the curve and demand of the spells at hand. Mana recharges overtime during combat. The speed of Mana regeneration can be affected by some Stat Bonuses and Spell Mechanics, or it can be immediately regenerated through Mana Surge


Spark Meter 

The Spark Meter is the Meter above the health bar. It also regenerates overtime much like mana, but at a much slower pace. Spark is required to initiate a Mana Surge and Spark Power

Mana Surge will take up a quarter of the Spark Meter and will generate a burst of Mana for a short duration, which allows players to initiate a number of mana-heavy spells for a short while. 

Spark Power will require the usage of a full Spark Meter and allows players to deal their Planeswalker's Ultimate Ability also known as the Utility Ability. 




Spell Stats 

Spell Stats are determined by the Damage, DPS, Health, and Role as seen on the Spell Cards when they are selected. The Mana Cost is shown as the number of Mana color symbols that appear on the card. They should also each show the Creature points of each card towards the bottom, next to the type indicating whether is a Sorcery, Creature or Enchantment, with the total in the deck having no more than 12 Creature Points in Total.

  • X/X Value is to calculate DPS. The first number "X" Value is multiplied by the DPS shown to receive the DPS. 


Obtaining Spells and Equipment

Spells and Equipment are obtained by completing Missions, Ordeals, Skirmishes, and Shattered Reliquaries as rewards. Players can also receive rewards for reaching milestone levels per location. Increasing the difficulty will also increase the value of the rewards so, it is a good idea to go back and redo Missions at a higher difficulty for better rewards. 


Difficulty Levels

There are four Difficulty Levels currently available in Magic Legends and players are free to adjust them once they are unlocked. The Levels include Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master with Normal being the default. The higher difficulty levels are unlocked when reaching milestones as players progress. Higher difficulty levels will sometimes include Regional Enchantments and World Enchantments, which modify the combat and some mechanics within the location. Completing Missions on a higher difficulty will allow you to reap better rewards.


Personal Realm

The Personal Realm or the Meditation Realm allows players to run ongoing projects to produce upgrades. Workstations will be available and will use collected planar mana. Planar Mana is obtained by completing missions and quests. 

  • Aetheric Core - Primary workstation that can upgrade other workstations. Allows greater resource generation
  • Lands - Represents player's magical strength. More lands of any one color would equal a higher reward multiplier for that specific color.
  • Mana Vault - Draws and stores Planar Mana. The Mana Vault can be set to gather Mana while players are out of the Personal Realm.
  • Mystical Study - Allows ongoing research of Spells to gain resources that help increase the power of currently obtained spells. 
  • Arcane Workshop  - Grants access o Relic Caches needed to craft Artifacts and Equipment.





How do you Unlock Fast Travel? 

The Fast Travel points first have to be encountered on a location plane or region. They will be the glowing platforms on the ground much like the respawn platforms. The game will notify you once a Fast Travel location has been unlocked. Once at the fast travel location, open up the region maps. Available locations will be shown in yellow. Select the location and a fast travel option will come up. 

  • Note: Fast Travel menu does not prevent or pause any incoming attacks, so fast traveling during combat while still receiving damage would be a risk. 


How do you unlock Multiplayer Modes? How does it work?

A few hours in the tutorial is required before Cooperative Play is available in Magic Legends. Players must naturally progress until the second Region and they encounter the Rise of the Cabal Mission. Players will then be able to invite friends. However, the other party members will not be visible until players complete the Missions in Tazeem. Beat the missions, and players will then be able to see members of their party together. Their name and health bar will also be seen on the left side of the screen.

  • Public Parties

Missions will also have the option to queue for Missions publicly. The game will automatically enter players in a matchmaking process and enter the players into a Mission with other players

  • Loot Items 

Loot is shared amongst all party members. Players will not have to worry about dropped items and having to loot them first as each play will reap rewards when at a party. Whenever a player in a party collects loot, other party members will be acquiring the same item. 

  • Spells

Spells that affect "allies" such as healing cards will affect team members of the party.


Where can I access PvP Modes? How does it work?

PvP can be initiated at The Sanctum after speaking to the PvP Battlemaster. Currently, there is only one mode available. Players can only engage in a one 1v1 PvP dueling match that is won best of three. Ensure that you have the preferred deck ready because Decks cannot be modified once the duel is initiated. 

Speaking to the Battle master will enter players into a public matchmaking process and will transport players to the dueling arena once they have confirmed they wish to continue. 







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