Abilities in Magic Legends are the core moves of the various Classes of the game. The abilities of a class are divided into three categories, Primary, Secondary, and Utility abilities which are all executed in the field. As the player increases the character level, they can modify these core abilities by unlocking ability upgrades that modify or adds additional effects to the ability. This page covers a list of all the abilities featured in Magic: Legends.


Magic Legends Abilities


Geomancer Abilities


Magma Fist

Pummel foes with mighty strikes from your magma encased fists.


Volcanic Fury

Blast enemies with stone to damage and knockback enemies.


Furious Leap

Leap forward and slam the ground, causing moderate AoE damage.


Mind Mage Abilities



Blast enemies in front of you with a barrage of energy orbs.



Deal damage to foes in a cone in front of you. Confuse a random foe that was not killed in this way for 6 seconds, then Stun the rest for 3 seconds.


Illusory Escape

Taunt foes with an illusion of yourself and gain increased movement speed.


Sanctifier Abilities


Divine Bolt

Fire piercing bolts of holy energy at distant enemies.


Wave of Radiance

Create a wave of holy energy, dealing damage to enemies caught in the wake.



Gain a Devotion counter, you and creatures you control are healed.


Necromancer Abilities


Grim Siphon

Lash foes in front of you with your necromantic pendulum, dealing damage plus additional damage over 3 seconds.


Grave Upheaval

Deal damage to foes in an area around the target foe, then create 1/1 Skeleton creature tokens at that location.


Necromantic Aura

Sacrifices any Skeletons from Grave Upheaval to empower an aura that damages nearby enemies for a short time.


Beastcaller Abilities


Wild Slash

Cleave nearby foes with your aether axe.


Rending Throw

Hurl an axe to damage and mark foes in front of you.


Wild Roar

Heal yourself and your Companion instantly plus an additional amount over 6 seconds, and teleport it to your location.


Dimir Assassin Abilities

Shadowblade Throw

Throw massive blades that return to the user, dealing damage to all foes hit.

Forty Blinks

Teleport to a location, dealing damage on impact, then hit enemies in the area, with teleporting strikes. While activating, you can't be targeted or take damage. Gain Greater Swiftness (Increased movement speed) after activation.

Blink Strike

Throw a blade forward and teleport to it, dealing damage and Disorienting (Stun that is broken with significant damage) foes that you pass through. Gain Greater Swiftness (Increased movement speed) after activation.


Pyromancer Abilities


Shoot exploding fireballs in front of you with your twin wands.


Deal damage and applies a damage over time effect to foes at target location.

Alacrity Ablaze

Dash forward, dealing damage and applying damage over time to enemies in your path.

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    • Anonymous

      at the top of the page it says "The abilities of a class are divided into three categories, Primary, Secondary, and Utility"
      They have the skills laid out on this page in the same order.
      example: Sanctifier Abilities>
      Primary: Divine Bolt
      Secondary: Wave of Radiance
      Utility: Salvation

      • Anonymous

        agreed, why make this site if you dont tell us the information we cant find in game. WHAT ONE IS PRIMARY, SECCONDARY AND UTILITY???

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