Greater Swiftness

Stat Type Spell Mechanic
Effect Increase Movement Speed

Greater Swiftness in Magic Legends is a Spell Mechanic. Spell Mechanics are the keyword abilities that are incorporated into some Spells. Some mechanics are passive abilities and others allow players to spend mana to gain additional effects.


Swiftness increases movement speed 

Greater Swiftness Information

  • Greater Swiftness is an effect that gives creatures an increase in movement speed
  • Greater Haste is another mechanic that usually accompanies Greater Swiftness. This makes a combination of an increase in attack and movement speed. 
  • Lesser Swiftness increases movement speed by a lesser amount and is usually applied to players who play the card, but is usually accompanied by a benefiting buff or ability.
  • Greater Snare has a similar ability that is instead applied to enemies to slow down their movement speed. The Spell, Chronosphere contains the ability to do both, slowing opponents with a Greater Snare and increasing the player's movement speed with Greater Swiftness.
  • The Greater Swiftness effect is mostly found in Red Spells and Blue Spells, but it also found in Green Spells



Greater Swiftness Related Spell Cards

Green Spells

Red Spells

Blue Spells

White Spells

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Black Spells

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Greater Swiftness Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      30 Mar 2021 16:05  

      Lesser Swiftness is not a counterpart to Greater Swiftness, it is simply the minor version of this effect.

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