Stat Type Spell Mechanic
Effect Additonal Effects for mana

Kicker in Magic Legends is a Spell Mechanic. Spells Mechanics are the keyword abilities that are incorporated into some Spells. Some mechanics are passive abilities and others allow players to spend mana to gain additional effects.


Kicker Information

  • Kicker is a mechanic that when used or "kicked" triggers an extra effect for the mana cost depending on the card 
  • These cards allow players to spend additional mana to utilize additional effects. (Press and hold to spend additional mana.) 
  • For example:
    • Spirit Offering: "If kicked, create five spirit wells instead." This is two additional spirit wells to the original three spirit wells that the card creates. If kicked for an additional mana cost, five spirit wells are created instead. 
    • Moorland Ranger Spell: "If kicked, gain +2/+2, Trample, and Transform" 
    • Saproling Swarm Spell: "If this spell was kicked, summon 2 additional Saprolings." 
  • This mechanic is mostly found in Green Spells and White Spells


Kicker Related Spell Cards

Green Spells

Red Spells

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Blue Spells

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White Spells

Black Spells

  • N/A


Kicker Notes & Tips

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