Stats in Magic Legends refer to the attributes and numerical values representing the effectiveness of a Planeswalker's Combat capabilities, Class Abilities or Spells effects.  This page serves to cover information on all Stats found in Planesewalkers base attributes,  Class Abilities, and different types of Spells.


Magic Legends Stats

Stats in Magic Legends are indicators used exclusively to describe the effectiveness of different areas in Combat. They can be categorized into the following groups:

  • Planeswalkers Stats: Basic Combat attributes of the respective Planeswalker. For example, Maximum Health refers to the Planeswalker's total hitpoints.
  • Abilities Stats: Values that specifically indicate the effectiveness of each Class' Secondary, Primary, and Utility Ability.
  • Spells Stats: Attributes related to defining different types of Spells; For example, Mana Cost refers to the type of Mana a Spell belongs to, and the amount that Mana it requires for casting.  

  • Mana: The magic power cost required to cast spells. 
  • Equipment & Item Stats: The Stat Bonuses that are a part of different Equippable pieces and Artifacts

  • Creature Stats: Stats that refer to the effect that can directly affect summoned creatures from spells




Magic Legends Planeswalker Stats 

gear-score-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-24px Loadout Score

The gear-score-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-24pxLoadout Score will be located on the top left of the player menu. This score represents your overall power including spell levels, artifact levels, class level, and equipment level. This is affected by the items and spells that players have equipped. You can use it to choose an appropriately challenging difficulty level. The Loadout score affects a player's Health and Damage Bonus. 

Upgraded spells would also provide a higher total loadout score. The score for each individual spell is located on the bottom of the spell card next to its rarity. 


Planeswalker & Class Level

Planeswalker Level

This is leveled up during regular gameplay. Each time you gain a Class Level or earn sufficient XP while playing a max level class, you will gain a Planeswalker Level. At Each Planeswalker Level, you gain a bonus to various stats. You can view your Planeswalker Level progression by visiting your loadouts and clicking the stats button. 

The maximum Planeswalker Level is currently Level 320


Class Level

Like the planeswalker level, the Class level increases as you progress through the game. However, only the class level of the planeswalker class in use will be affected, Each time you gain a class level or earn sufficient XP while playing a max level class, you will gain a Planeswalker Level. An increase in these levels will also increase the different player stats. 


Regional Reputation

Reputation represents the completion of daily quests in a region and provides additional rewards. Reputations and Daily Quests are unlocked per region after completing the different story missions available in the area. Each region has its own set of Daily Quests to complete and a reputation track. EXP is gained to reach the next level of reputation, and they each have 100 levels for players to complete and gain rewards for once the milestone requirements are met. 

Milestone rewards are gained at levels 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100. These usually include an Artifact, Spell or Equipment that is unique to the area. Milestone rewards and reputation points can be found at the regions, Shiv, Benalia, Tazeen, Tolaria, and Gavony.


Vitality & Health

The health bar represents a player's vitality which is indicated as the green bar towards the bottom of the HUD. Sometimes additional health can be seen as a transparent bar on top of the green bar representative of the player's health. A planeswalker like Geomancer can build up temporary health that would help complement hear close-range damaging abilities.   

Player Stats 

These stats are affected by a player's Planeswalker Level and Class Level. A higher level will increase the percentage if each of these stats. The progress of these stats can be viewed at the loadout page and by clicking the stats button.

  • Planeswalker Damage
  • Maximum Health
  • Creature Damage
  • Creature Health
  • Critical Damage 
  • Gold Drop Rate
  • Spell Page Drop Rate
  • Relic Fragment Drop Rate 


Magic Legends Abilities Stats

Spark Meter is an integral Ability Stat, and the resource required to cast a Planeswalker's unique Utility Ability. As opposed to each Planeswalker's Secondary and Primary Abilities, the Utility Ability often grant extra utilities on top of raw damage, and therefore consumes Spark Meter each time it is cast. Additionally, players can choose to hold off on casting their Utility Ability, and consume the Spark Meter instead to perform a skill that is accessible to all Classes - Mana Surge - which instantly refills the Planeswalker's Mana Meter. A few Stat Bonuses from various Equipment and Artifacts can be equipped to enhance the effectiveness of Spark Meter by speeding up its recharge duration.


Spark Meter

The Spark Meter is a valuable regenerating resource just like mana, but regenerates at a much slower rate. It is indicated by the top bar above the green health meter. The Spark meter power grants the ability to do two things, Mana Surge and Spark Powers.

Mana surge is an ability that can be initiated by any planeswalker and requires a portion of the Spark Meter. Mana Surge can be initiated to gain a surge of mana regeneration for a short period. During the time of the Mana Surge, powerful mana-costly spells can be used that would have otherwise been too costly outside of the surge period.

Spark Powers are the ultimate abilities of the planeswalkers. They vary and are unique to each of the classes and deal powerful damage. They require a full Spark Meter so Spark Powers should be used conservatively and strategically. 


Mana Meter

Mana is indicated by the colored bar below the green health bar. It divided by up to colors corresponding to the colors in the player's current deck. This meter regenerates overtime during combat. For more information, take a look at Mana Cost for details on its relation to spells and the Mana Stat section for details on the class colors and their corresponding spells. 


Spell Stats


A spell's stats are usually indicated on the spell card depending on the spell's ability. Not all cards contain them. These stats increase or change as spells are upgraded.

  • Damage - Damage dealt
  • Health - Total health of the spell creature
  • DPS -  Damage per second
  • Duration - Duration of the spell if it is limited 
  • Range - Range of Attack. It is sometimes is measured by a number, or "self" is used if it is only applicable to the player. 
  • Area -  Applicable to spells with an Area of Attack that ranges from single to medium and large
  • Heal -  Amount of healing abilities if it is applicable
  • Role - Indicated what type of attacker the spell provides. eg. Melee or Ranged


Spell points

Spells are categorized into three types, creature-magic-legends-wiki-guide Creatures, sorcery-magic-legends-wiki-guide Sorcery, and enchantment-magic-legends-wiki-guide Enchantments which will total to 12. Each spell costs up to 5 points belonging to a particular category. 


Creature Points

Creature summon spells are limited to 12 points as well. This number is indicated at the top bar of your spells as 0/12 - 12/12.  Like spell points, creature points vary from spell to spell. A stronger creature will usually contain more creature points. The creature points of each card are found on the bottom of the selected spell next to its rarity. This will balance out the battlefield and allow players to choose whether they prefer a cluster of less impactful creature summons or fewer stronger creatures. 


Spell Mechanics

Some spells contain one or more spell mechanics that could affect a player or creature's stats. Some effects do not always work in favor of the player and may provide a debuff as a result of another buff. 

Stats affected in Spell Mechanics:

  • Swiftness - Swiftness increases movement speed 
  • Weakness -Weakness reduces damage dealt
  • Snare - Snare reduces movement speed
  • Vulnerability - Vulnerability increases incoming damage
  • Resistance - Resistance reduces incoming damage 
  • Haste - Haste increases attack speed
  • Might - Damage Strength
  • Mana Regeneration - Mana recovery during combat  


Spell Rank and Upgrades

Each spell has an upgradable rank, indicated by the Rank number on the card. This directly affects a Spell's DPS and Health. Spell Pages are required in order to Upgrade your spells.


Mana Cost

Each Spell has a mana cost that is used as a spell is cast. Mana corresponds to their specific color and each spell has a different mana cost that must be spent in order to cast the spell. For example, a green spell can only use Green Mana. If there is not enough mana for the spell, it cannot be used, and players must either choose to cast other spells that require less mana or wait for the mana bar to regenerate over time. 



Mana is a core Spells Stat in Magic Legends, and the fundamental resource for the unique Combat mechanics of casting Spells. Each Planeswalker has 12 Mana by default, displayed as a meter divided into 12 sections, right below the Health Bar. Up to 2 different colors of Mana can fill the Mana Meter at the same time, and the proportions of the colors is distributed according to the colors of Spells in the player's hand based on the curve of the cost need. As Spells are cast, the corresponding color of Mana is consumed, which regenerates itself over time. The 5 colors of Mana are the sources in which Spells and Planeswalkers draw power from, each excelling in different areas of Combat

The five mana color classes correspond to the five-colored classes of Spells. Red Spells, Green Spells, Blue Spells, Black Spells and White Spells


Mana Regeneration

Though mana regenerates overtime, it can be affected by Spell Mechanics that can increase or decrease regeneration

Mana Surge

Mana Surge can be initiated to gain a surge of mana regeneration for a short period. This will take around a quarter of the Spark Meter. During the time of the Mana Surge, powerful mana-costly spells can be used that would have otherwise been too costly outside of the surge period. 


Mana Classes

red-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Red Mana

The Red Mana is best known for producing Spells and Abilities that conjure blazing, destructive attacks that deal massive direct damage at close range. Red mana Spells revolve around dealing raw damage to Enemies, and enhancing damage related stats on Creatures and allies. The Class that begins the game with Red Mana Spells and receives the most related Class Perks is the Geomancer.

blue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Blue Mana

The Blue Mana is the powerhouse for Spells and Abilities that manipulate opponents with Control Effects and crafty illusions. Attacks that are attuned to the Blue Mana largely utilize different Spell Mechanics to protect allies and confuse Enemies, seizing control of the battlefield. Both the Mind Mage and the Dimir Assassin are Classes that start the game with Blue Mana Spells and synergize best with Blue Mana

green-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Green Mana

The Green Mana is the color that embodies a strong connection to nature, supporting Spells and Abilities that nourish massive Creatures and replenish Planeswalkers Mana. Drawing magic from Green Mana enables Planeswalkers to manipulate terrain, summon large groups of Creatures, and cast Spells rapidly with superior Mana recharge. The Beastcaller is the default Class specializing in Green Mana Spells at the beginning of the game. 

white-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px White Mana

 The White Mana is most valued for producing Spells and Abilities that protects and empowers allies around the Planeswalker, excelling at the role of a dependable support who heals and shields teammates, and keeps Enemies at bay with Control  The Sanctifier is known for being the Class most connected to the magic from White Mana.

black-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Black Mana

The Black Mana equips Planeswalkers with Spells and Abilities that incapacitates Enemies with constant debuffs through Spell Mechanics, and unique advantages through sacrificing and reanimating Creatures. The Class that best resonates with the magic from Black Mana is The Necromancer.


Item Stats

Equipment and Artifacts also contain their own set of core Stat Bonuses and usually have a swappable modifier that could also contain Stat Bonuses. These affect potency, resistance, health regeneration and would also affect a player's loadout score when using different equipment. There are up to six spaces for both equipment and artifacts that can be equipped at a time. 


Creature Stats 

Creatures in Magic Legends are temporary magical beings that are summoned as Spells. Despite being a type of Spell, Creatures have their own Stats, such as Health, Power, Toughness, and Duration. Creatures Stats are determined by 3 different factors

  • Creatures base Stats: The basic values listed on the Creatures Spell Card, such as the DPS and Health of said Creature.
  • Planeswalkers Creatures Stats: Percentage buffs that amplify the base stats of all Creatures controlled by the Planeswalker, which progressively get stronger as the Planeswalker levels up. 
  • Stat Bonuses: Stats modifiers from Equipments, such as Armor and Artifacts, that increase directly buff Creatures base stats. 


Creatures DPS

The Creature DPS is listed on the Creature Spells Card, below the Spell Pages indicator beside the Creature's Health Stat. The DPS of the Creature determines the damage it deals to foes per auto-attack, which is independent from other damage effects listed on the Card. On top of the base DPS listed on the Card, the DPS of a Creature is also composed of the controlling Planeswalker's "Creatures Damage" Stat, which increases the listed DPS by a flat percentage. The higher the Planeswalker's level, the more the DPS is increased. Furthermore, many modifiers on Equipment and Artifacts provide the Stat Bonuses "Creature Potency" for Creatures belonging to different Mana colors, which directly adds value to the DPS of the relevant Creature Spell


Creatures Health

The Creature's Health is indicated on the selected Creature spell card next to its DPS. Health determines the total vitality or damage a creature can receive before it is killed. Health is unique to each creature and can be affected by some Artifacts Stat Bonuses such as White Mana Creature Health, Blue Mana Creature Health, Green Mana Creature Health, Black Mana Creature Health, and Red Mana Creature Health





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