Magic Legends Lore refers to the World Building, Story, and Setting of the game. Magic: Legends is set within the fiction of Magic: The Gathering where players harness unimaginable power to become a Planeswalker.


Become a Planeswalker

Ancient forces move in the darkness and it’s up to you to walk the planes of the Magic Multiverse to gather the power needed to fight this evil. Choose your path through diverse planes, collect unique spells, Artifacts, and Equipment to create powerful loadouts, and control the chaos of battle as you fight to save the Multiverse from its greatest threat yet.


Magic: Legends Lore


Being a Planeswalker means having a special spark. When that spark ignites, it grants unique abilities that enable them to travel between worlds. 



The Geomancer draws upon the power of the Earth to pummel enemies in close quarters with devastating stone and lava attacks. They are capable of absorbing blows that would otherwise incapacitate other Planeswalkers with their rock shield. Geomancers prefer to call upon creatures like goblins, kavu, and earth elementals.

Mind Mage

The Mind Mage personifies cool intellect. As a planeswalker that focuses on psychic powers, battle enemies from a safe distance, controlling projectiles with telekinetic powers, and lockdown dangerous foes with spells that put them to sleep, or to turn them against their allies.


The Beastcaller is the embodiment of primal might and savagery. Vanquish hordes of foes on the battlefield with crushing blows from your massive spirit axe, while coordinating your attacks with an Aether Fox companion – and other summoned beasts.


Necromancer class will find themselves in a constant balancing act between life and death. Summoning creatures, sacrificing them for benefits, and whittling down opponents over time will be key to a Necromancer’s success.


The Sanctifier is a devout healer who maintains order on the battlefield by supporting their allies and summoned creatures alike. They can also heal players as they deal damage with Lifelink.

Dimir Assassin

The Dimir Assassin epitomizes House Dimir, capable of setting up its enemies for devastating combo attacks. Always fighting on its own terms with a strong sense of control before exploiting a weakness to devastating effects. 



Magic flows in unpredictable ways. Your magic spells will shift each time you cast. 


sorcery-magic-legends-wiki-guide Sorceries

 Spells that directly aid allies or harm foes

creature-magic-legends-wiki-guide Creatures

Summon forth beings to fight by your side

enchantment-magic-legends-wiki-guide Enchantments

A duration-based buff that needs to be triggered or meet a certain condition to activate.






The continent of Benalia is a beautiful place, idyllic really, with a strong military. The people of Sanctum have reported some unrest as of late though, so maybe your abilities would be of use there!


Some dismiss the continent of Shiv as a volcanic wasteland, but the whole place is bursting with life. The goblins there can be a but melodramatic, sure, but they're incredibly resilient. 


Gavomy is a provicne on the plane of Innistrad. The whole of it isiincredibly dark and desolate, but I'm told there are some fascinating creatures to study. 


Tolaria is my kind of island paradise, home to the Acaddemy at Tolaria West! IT's a brilliant place of research and study, so I might be a little biased.. The homarids can be a bit crabby though




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