Decks in Magic Legends features a combination of various Spells or Spell Cards. Upon starting the game and as you progress, you'll be able to acquire multiple Spells which you can add to your deck with a total of 12 spells or spell cards. By default, when you start the game, you can only create a deck of 12 spells of one color of mana of your chosen Planeswalker. However, through story progression, upon upgrading the structure level of the Aetheric Core in your Personal Realm or Meditation Realm, you can unlock the ability to play two colors of mana and place it in your deck.

Spells are divided into three categories, and these are Sorcery Spells, Creature Spells, and Enchantment Spells. All of the spells that are in your deck are cast or used in combat with four of these spells being available and cycling randomly upon use. One important note to remember is that equipping Creature Spells are restricted to a total of 12 creature points, which means you decide on the number or type of creatures you want in your deck, depending on the total number of creature points it requires. This page covers a list of various builds that you can try for your deck.


Magic Legends Decks


Demonic Horde Build Guide: Big Black Creatures


Magic Legends Build Guide: Demonic Horde. This is a deck full of Black Creatures that can completely dominate and take over a screen. If you’ve been looking for a solid Necromancer Deck with lots of big Creatures, then you’ll want to check this one out.

Whirlwind Wizard Build Guide: AoE Spells


Magic Legends Build Guide: Whirlwind Wizard: This is a deck full of Black and Blue Sorceries that deal massive AoE Damage. If you’ve been looking for a strong Dimir Assassin Deck with lots of AoE, then you’ll want to check this one out. 

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      It seems like I can only have 2 Decks. Is this because I only have 2 classes unlocked? Is there any way to unlock the ability to have more decks?

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