Artifacts in Magic Legends are trinkets or accessories equipped by the player. Artifacts exist outside of the deck rotation and provide permanent effects for the characters while equipped, similarly to gear or equipment from other games and are divided into three tiers, Lesser, Greater, and Legendary artifacts. An artifact can be obtained by opening a relic cache that is found across the multiverse or it can also be crafted in the player's realm. This page covers a list of all the artifacts in the game.

Tiers of an Artifact

  • Lesser - These tend to be small trinkets and oddities that provide benefits in the form of passive character buffs. A player can slot three Lesser Artifacts to augment their planeswalker.
  • Greater - This type of Artifact represents something more powerful and the effects that come with them reflect that. Greater Artifacts provide passive buffs, but they also introduce triggered abilities, which are effects that activate as the result of a player’s actions. A player can choose to design a deck around one of these effects or select Artifacts that fit the playstyle they’re already comfortable with. Players can slot two Greater Artifacts. 
  • Legendary - Reserved at the highest level of power are the Legendary Artifacts. These are much like Greater Artifacts, however they provide effects that can more dramatically impact the battlefield or augment a player’s deck. Only one Legendary Artifact can be slotted in the player’s loadout, so players must weigh their power choices to complement their deck according to their preference.

Collecting & Upgrading Artifacts

Each artifact is unique and is randomly dropped from opening relic caches that are found across the Multiverse or it can be crafted in the player's realm. Each relic cache the player finds has a chance of either unlocking an Artifact or providing relic fragments. Relic fragments come in four tiers of rarity – common, uncommon, rare, and mythic – and are used to upgrade Artifacts. Upgrading the level of an Artifact increases the effectiveness of the buffs and abilities associated with them. As an Artifact is leveled up, the rarity of materials required to upgrade them gradually increases as well. Also, after reaching certain milestone levels, new abilities are also unlocked for some Artifacts.


Costs of Upgrading Artifacts

Cost to Rank Gold magic-legends-gold-icon Common Relic Fragments magic-legends-common-relic-fragment-icon Uncommon Relic Fragments magic-legends-uncommon-relic-fragment-icon Rare Relic Fragments magic-legends-rare-relic-fragment-icon Mythic Relic Fragments magic-legends-mythic-relic-fragment-icon
2 200 5      
3 300 10      
4 400 15      
5 500 20      
6 600 25 1    
7 700 30 5    
8 800 25 10    
9 900 15 15    
10 1000   20    
11 2000   25 1  
12 3250   30 5  
13 5000   25 10  
14 7500   15 15  
15 10000     20  
16 15000     25 1
17 20000     30 2
18 27500     25 3
19 37500     15 4
20 50000       5
TOTAL 183150 145 146 146 15

Magic Legends Artifacts


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Name & Icon Core Modifier
Shepherd's Salve
+7 White Mana Creature Health, +7 Green Mana Creature Health
On Zendikar: Vol 1
+7 Green Mana Creature Health, +7 Red Mana Creature Health
Soldier's Handbook
+12 Red Mana Sorcery Potency: Damage output of Red Mana Sorcery Spells.
Wizard's Tome
+5 Chromatic Sorcery Potency: Damage out of Sorcery Spells.
Goma Fada Idol
+7 Red Mana Creature Potency, +7 White Mana Creature Potency
Pearlescent Fracture
+12 White Mana Creature Health: Health of White Mana Creatures.
Tracing Aromatic
+12 Black Mana Creature Potency: Damage output of Black Mana Creatures.
Eye of Lost Dreams
+7 Blue Mana Sorcery Potency, +7 Black Mana Sorcery Potency
Vial of Renewal
+12 Sorcery Healing Potency: Healing output of Sorcery spells.
Balm of Restoration
+12 Sorcery Healing Potency: Healing output of Sorcery spells.
Gem of the Butcher
+12 Soulsteal Potency: Healing when killing a creature.
Scroll of Bontu
+12 Black Mana Creature Potency: Damage output of Black Mana Creatures.
Salve of Winter
+12 Control Rating: Duration of outgoing control effects.
Shard of Power
+125 Spark Recharge Speed: Spark Meter Recharge Rate.
Scroll of Ferocity
+12 Green Mana Sorcery Potency: Damage output of Green Mana Sorcery Spells.
Haunted Amethyst
+7 Blue Mana Sorcery Potency, +7 White Mana Sorcery Potency
Behemoth Charm
+12 Soulsteal Potency: Healing when killing a creature.
Seer's Crystal
+12 Black Mana Creature Potency: Damage output of Black Mana Creatures.
Totem of Joraga
+12 Green Mana Creature Potency: Damage output of Green Mana Creatures.
Potion of Vigor
+12 Green Mana Creature Potency: Damage output of Green Mana Creatures.
Dedication of Hope
+7 Red Mana Creature Potency, +7 White Mana Creature Potency
Angel's Edict
+12 White Mana Sorcery Potency: Damage output of White Mana Sorcery Spells.
Carving to Oloro
+7 Blue Mana Creature Health, +7 Black Mana Creature Health
Demonic Aperture
+12 Spark Recharge Speed: Spark Meter Recharge Rate.
Elixir of Vitality
+7 White Mana Sorcery Potency, +7 Green Mana Sorcery Potency
Burgeoning Seed
+12 Health Globe Potency: Healing received from Health Globes.
Philosopher's Opus
Whenever you cast a Sorcery, repeat the following process 1 time(s). A creature you control with the lowest toughness gets +0/+1 for 5.3 seconds.
Conduit of the Loam
Whenever you pick up a health globe, there is a 25% chance to create a 1 / 1 Green Saproling token for 10.5 seconds.
Gilded Lotus
Whenever you kill a Champion rank creature or higher, there is a 2.5% chance to drop a Lotus Petal. Picking up a Lotus Petal grants 1 mana divided among your active deck colors and Lesser Might for 5 seconds.
Teachings of Serra
Whenever you cast a Creature spell. heal for 12, then 1 creature(s) you control gain Lifelink for 8 seconds.
Dimir Codex
Whenever you cast a Sorcery greater than or equal to 5 converted mana cost, your next Sorcery costs ??? less generic mana to cast, and nearby foes gain Lesser Snare for ??? seconds.
Suffocating Curiosity
Whenever you cast a spell that costs blue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px, gain Greater Swiftness and deal 72 damage per second to contacted enemies for 3.0 seconds. Can move through enemies during this effect.
Graverobber's Bauble
Whenever your health drops by 24.4% from a single source of damage, summon a 3/3 black Skeleton Archer token for 10 seconds.
Verdant Heart
Whenever you cast a creature spell greater than or equal to 7 Mana Cost, additional max Health equal to 1% of that creatures max hitpoints while it is alive.
Orb of Shiv
Whenever you cast a creature spell, that creature gains rank 1 Molten Shell for 5.25 seconds.
Tome of Gisa
Whenever you cast a Zombie creature spell, summon an additional 2/2 black Zombie creature token for 10.5 seconds. It gains Greater Swiftness for 2.5 seconds.
Blooming Totem
Whenever you cast a spell, gain Lesser Resistance for 5.25 seconds, if the mana cost of that spell is greater than or equal to 8, create a health globe at a nearby location.
Forerunner's Idol
Every 12 creature spells you cast, creates a moving hazard towards the nearest foe for 2 seconds that deals 10 damage times the converted mana cost of the creature spell cast to foes hit by it.
Demonic Contract
Whenever you sacrifice a creature, gain life equal to 10% of the sacrificed creatures max health. Then the creature you control with the highest power gains Greater Might for 2.6 seconds.
Writ of Avacyn
Whenever you cast an Angel creature spell, create a 1/1 white Human token for 10.5 seconds. Angels you control deal 1% increased damage for each Human you control.
Totem of Wild Growth
Whenever you cast an Enchantment, the highest combined base power and toughness creature you control gains 15 shield and Lesser Resistance for 10.5 seconds.
Cursed Idol
Whenever you cast a Sorcery, nearby foes gain Greater Vulnerability for 5.25 seconds and you gain Lesser Vulnerability for 12 seconds.
Chronicle of Alacrity
Whenever you cast a creature spell, that creature gains Greater Swiftness for 3 seconds. If blue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px was spent to cast it, there is a 10% chance for it to gain Hexproof for 3 seconds.
Icon of Solidarity
Whenever you cast a healing spell, gain Lesser Swiftness for 5.25 seconds, and Greater Might for 1 second per creature you control with at least 90% of their max health.
Liquid Foresight
Whenever you cast a Creature Spell, gain 5% Reflect for 5 seconds and Lesser Swiftness for 5.25 seconds. Reflect percent is increased by 2.5% per non-token creature you control.
Aegis Charm
Whenever you kill an enemy creature, gain 630 Shield times the number of enemy creatures within 10 feet, for 2.5 seconds.
Journal of the Leonin
Whenever you cast an Enchantment Spell, up to 1 creature(s) you control get +1/+1 and Lesser Resistance for 10.5 seconds.
Winter Orb
Whenever you cast a spell costing Blue Mana, Stun up to 1 nearby foe(s) for 0.1 seconds.
Benalish Heirloom
Whenever you cast a healing spell, create a 1/1 white Human Soldier creature token for 10 seconds, then creatures you control gain Lesser Swiftness for 5.2 seconds.
Goblin Supply Manifest
Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, it deals 26.2% of its damage in a small area around a random foe, then there is a 10% chance for the effect to target an additional foe.
Bloodsoaked Altar
Whenever you sacrifice a creature, if able, lose life equal to 15% of your max and discard a card at random, if you do, create a 5/5 Black Demon Creature token with Trample.
Assailant's Contract
Whenever you kill a champion or Elite ranked foe, gain Lesser Swiftness for 0.5 seconds, then the next 1 sorcery spell(s) you cast will reduce the cooldown of your next secondary ability activation by 1 second each.
Draconic Flux
Whenever you cast a sorcery spell, gain Lesser Resistance for 5.5 seconds, then there is a 4% chance to create a 6/6 Red Dragon creature token for 15 seconds. Chance is increased by 8% per mana spent on the sorcery.
Whip of Erebos
When a creature you control dies for the first time, it resurrects with 28% of its hitpoints and gains Lifelink.
Hallowed Sanctuary
Whenever you cast an enchantment spell costing white-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px, creatures you control gain "Whenever this creature dies, create a copy of Rank 1 Divine Wrath at its location" for 5.3 seconds.
Thornbite Altar
Whenever you cast a creature spell, deal 37 damage to foes between you and each creature you control, then Root those foes for 0.3 seconds.
Implement of Combustion
Whenever you deal damage to a foe with a spell, they take an additional 36.0 damage for 1.5 seconds. 10% chance to draw a spell when a foe dies to damage over time, while affected by Implement of Combustion.
Accursed Mausoleum
Creature spells you own gain: On Summon: Create a 1/1 Black Skeleton token. On Death: That token gains twice this creature's power and toughness.

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