Mana is a core Spells Stat in Magic Legends, and the fundamental resource for the unique Combat mechanics of casting Spells. Each Planeswalker has 12 Mana by default, displayed as a meter divided into 12 sections, right below the Health Bar. Up to 2 different colors of Mana can fill the Mana Meter at the same time, and the proportions of the colors are distributed according to the colors of Spells in the player's hand based on the curve of the cost need. As Spells are cast, the corresponding color of Mana is consumed, which regenerates itself over time. 

The 5 colors of Mana are the sources from which Spells and Planeswalkers draw power from, each excelling in different areas of Combat. The five mana color classes correspond to the five-colored classes of SpellsRed SpellsGreen SpellsBlue SpellsBlack Spells, and White Spells


Magic Legends Mana

Mana Regeneration

Though mana regenerates over time, it can be affected by Spell Mechanics that can increase or decrease regeneration


Mana Surge

Mana Surge can be initiated to gain a surge of mana regeneration for a short period. This will take around a quarter of the Spark Meter. During the time of the Mana Surge, powerful mana-costly spells can be used that would have otherwise been too costly outside of the surge period. Mana Surge can be unlocked for all Planeswalker (Classes) upon reaching Level 3


Classes of Mana


red-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Red Mana

The Red Mana is best known for producing Spells and Abilities that conjure blazing, destructive attacks that deal massive direct damage at close range. Red mana Spells revolve around dealing raw damage to Enemies, and enhancing damage-related stats on Creatures and allies. The Class that begins the game with Red Mana Spells and receives the most related Class Perks is the Geomancer.

blue-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Blue Mana

The Blue Mana is the powerhouse for Spells and Abilities that manipulate opponents with Control Effects and crafty illusions. Attacks that are attuned to the Blue Mana largely utilize different Spell Mechanics to protect allies and confuse Enemies, seizing control of the battlefield. Both the Mind Mage and the Dimir Assassin are Classes that start the game with Blue Mana Spells and synergize best with Blue Mana.

Green Mana

The Green Mana is the color that embodies a strong connection to nature, supporting Spells and Abilities that nourish massive Creatures and replenish Planeswalkers Mana. Drawing magic from Green Mana enables Planeswalkers to manipulate terrain, summon large groups of Creatures, and cast Spells rapidly with superior Mana recharge. The Beastcaller is the default Class specializing in Green Mana Spells at the beginning of the game. 


white-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px White Mana

The White Mana is most valued for producing Spells and Abilities that protects and empowers allies around the Planeswalker, excelling at the role of a dependable support who heals and shields teammates, and keeps Enemies at bay with Control  The Sanctifier is known for being the Class most connected to the magic from White Mana.

black-mana-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-20px Black Mana

The Black Mana equips Planeswalkers with Spells and Abilities that incapacitates Enemies with constant debuffs through Spell Mechanics, and unique advantages through sacrificing and reanimating Creatures. The Class that best resonates with the magic from Black Mana is The Necromancer.

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