Consignment Broker

Location The Sanctum
Spell Pages
World Enchantments
Store Packs

The Consignment Broker is a Merchant, NPC in Magic Legends. Merchants in Magic Legends can interact with the Player's Planeswalker and they may provide a service or sell useful items related to MissionsSpells or Equipment. Most merchants can be found around The Sanctum.


Consignment Broker Information

  • The Consignment Broker will allow players to unlock or buy  Spell Pages, World Enchantments, and Packs for purchase. He also allows players to leverage an earned in-game currency to purchase ZEN Store items.
  • The Broker will also provide a service that allows trades among Planeswalkers. Items can be sold for gold and those items will then be available for trade from him as well.  
  • Trading with the broker requires a Trade Token per transaction. 10 Trade Tokens will be allotted to players per day and can only hold up to 30. 
  • Prices in the store may fluctuate according to supply and demand.
  • When the Atheric Core is upgraded, more stacks of Spells can be traded per use of one Trade Token.


Consignment Broker Location

Consignment Broker can be found in the following locations:


Consignment Broker Notes and tips

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