Water Elemental (Spell Page)

Item Type Spell Page
Related Spell Water Elemental
Purchase Cost 262 Gold

Water Elemental (Spell Page) in Magic Legends is a Spell Page. Spell Pages is a crafting material that is used to upgrade your Spells. Each spell requires a certain number of Spell Pages and Aether for it to be ranked up, increasing the stats and effects of the spell. You can only buy pages to upgrade a spell you have already unlocked.


Water Elemental (Spell Page) Information


Water Elemental (Spell Page) Where to Find

The gold buy/sell price shown in the Broker reflects the stack price, not an individual page price.

  • This can be purchased for 262 Gold.
  • This item is rewarded for completing ???


Water Elemental (Spell Page) Notes & Tips

  • You cannot buy new, single spells from the Broker (Merchant).
  • Spell pages that are bought or sold via the broker must be transacted in stacks of 12.



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