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Innistrad is one of the Locations (Planes) in Magic Legends. Magic: Legends takes place in a time of building tensions: after the Great Mending of Innistrad, and before the Hour of Devastation on Amonkhet where players will encounter various foes and characters.


Innistrad stands apart as a plane of gothic horror and dark intrigue. The world’s denizens are perpetually bathed in eerie moonlight and preyed upon by vampires, werewolves, and other terrifying creatures that dominate the land.

The province of Gavony serves as one of the few safe havens where people band together to survive.


Innistrad Related Missions

Region: Gavony


Enemies and Bosses in Innistrad

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Innistrad Regions


Innistrad Notes, Trivia, and Notable Loot

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