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Zendikar is one of the Locations (Planes) in Magic Legends. Magic: Legends takes place in a time of building tensions: after the Great Mending of Zendikar, and before the Hour of Devastation on Amonkhet where players will encounter various foes and characters.


A plane of high adventure and untold dangers, Zendikar was almost lost to ancient, mana-devouring creatures called the Eldrazi. These creatures were thwarted by a group of Planeswalkers collectively known as The Gatewatch.

But the plane's landscape continues to shift and change via a process the planebound inhabitants refer to as 'The Roil'. Because of this, civilizations are scarce, and nature has reclaimed many of Zendikar's continents, such as Tazeem.


Zendikar Related Missions

Region: Tazeem


Enemies and Bosses in Zendikar

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Zendikar Regions


Zendikar Notes, Trivia, and Notable Loot

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