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Aether is a type of currency or resource in Magic Legends. Currency is a form of in-game money used to purchase goods, wares, and various upgrades. There are multiple types of currencies in-game that are used in various ways. Currencies such as Gold, Eternal Echoes, Planar Mana, Aether, Zen, and more.



Aether Information

  • Aether refines from Unrefined Aether automatically.
  • Aether is used to upgrade Spells and acquire new Spells around the Realm.
  • Players can convert Zen, a paid currency into Aether.
  • Each account has a daily Aether Refinement cap of 50,000, and a maximum Aether storage cap of 2,000,000.
  • To exchange Aether for Zen – or Zen for Aether – navigate to the main menu and select ‘Wallet’. Here, you will see your various currency balances and the currency exchange icon.


Aether Notes & Tips

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  • Other, notes, tips, and trivia.



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