Wristlet of Impetus

RARE ACCESSORY  gear-score-icon-magic-legends-wiki-guide-24px9


+100 Primary Potency
(Damage output of Primary attacks)


+100 Primary Potency
(Damage output of Primary attacks)

+100 Black Mana Resist
(Damage resistance to sources of black mana)

+100 Red Mana Resist
(Damage resistance to sources of red mana)

+100 Utility Recharge Speed
(Recharge rate of the Utility Ability)

+100 Secondary Potency
(Damage output of the Secondary Ability)

Kill a foe with a Spark Ability: Chance: 40% +50 Utility Recharge Speed for 15 seconds after exiting Spark Mode

Wristlet of Impetus is an Accessory in Magic Legends. Wristlet of Impetus is a Rare accessory. Players can equip up to two kinds of accessories in the gear menu. An accessory is a piece of Armor that focuses on improving both the overall combat ability and survivability of the player's character through adding various modifiers such as Core and Adaptive Modifiers.


Wristlet of Impetus Information

Modifiers are grouped into two categories, a Core Modifier, and Adaptive Modifier. Core Modifiers are the main equipment bonus/effect of armor, these are fixed, they cannot be changed, and these can be upgraded to increases its stats. Adaptive Modifiers on the other hand are secondary supplements that players can choose to swap for a different bonus/effect and they can also be upgraded to increase their stats. By default, a piece of armor has one Core Modifier and two Adaptive Mods.

Core Modifier

Adaptive Modifiers



Where to find Wristlet of Impetus

  • Looted from ???
  • Dropped by ???
  • Obtained as a reward for completing ???


Wristlet of Impetus Upgrades

Level Upgrade Cost Core Modifier Upgrade/s Adaptive Modifier Upgrade/s
1 ??? ??? ???
2 ??? ??? ???
3 ??? ??? ???
4 ??? ??? ???
5 ??? ??? ???



Wristlet of Impetus Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Notes, tips, and other trivia


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